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Valentines 2020


Was it not just Christmas??? Cannot BELIEVE Valentines day is upon us once again.
I was reminded of it today when I went to purchase a replacement slow cooker on Amazon and was presented with a fabulous 15% off as a valentines gift…:sweat_smile:.
Believe me, if someone purchased me a slow cooker as a gift for ME I would probably wrap it around them ……… anyway…
I thought I would share the threads from the past couple of years as there are some good food, wine and gift ideas within them.

This year once again, Mr. Leah is offshore so I will be treating myself to some fine bubbly… not sure what yet but I’ll make sure it is decent.
Has anyone got any plans for a romantic night in or out?? or any plans to open something nice??


None of these I’m afraid:

A little bit uninspiring, sorry to say.

I always find valentines a bit of a funny one. It’s a disgusting commercial racket pushed on us by opportunist profiteers, but it’s also an easy excuse to get a bit romantic and treat your special one a bit more special than usual.

Almost never go out, but might order in and find something in the rack for us both to enjoy.


best send the steam iron i’ve got you back then :joy:


the old romantic that I am…means we don’t celebrate it…shouldn’t need a specific day to tell the person you love that you love them !

I, as you may have guessed from many posts, am not swayed by marketing !


#Copout :rofl::rofl::rofl:


you on about the iron or valentines in general ?!


Before the kids we used to go out on said evening usually a jazz concert at Ronnie Scott’s or similar… the last 5 years it has been staying in with a nice cheese board and some appropriate sweet wine (mayhaps s fizz). Same beckons this year…


We don’t really do Valentine’s, but we do always celebrate the half year anniversary, which falls on the 5th of February (why have one anniversary when you can have two?!). It didn’t happen this year, as I was away, so we’re swapping to later this month. Planning to go to The Ginger Dog pub in Brighton, which is a favourite old haunt. No doubt he’ll tell me that he’s not prepared to pay “this much” for wine when he’s got “better wines at home”, though - so romance has its limitations. :smiley:


My wife had arranged to meet one of her best friends (female!) for lunch on Friday before she even worked out what date it was! Neither her nor her friend have seen fit to change it…:rofl::rofl:

So she won’t want dinner out then! Sorted!!


We don’t tend to do a lot for Valentine’s either, and would rather save our babysitting requests for going to the theatre or to see live comedy or something, so it’ll be a quiet night in. I’ll cook this to satisfy Mrs H’s black pudding obsession, quite possibly washed down with a nice White Burgundy:

Card. Chocolates. Done.


Our butcher does a fab Morcilla, if she’s into black pudding from the Continent (that thing we’re no longer part of, apparently!).


Barfields are great - I’ve used them for monster brisket joints for barbecues in the past and they’ve been great. We like a bit of Morcilla so I’ll have to pop in next time I’m up in Fiveways. Thanks for the tip!


Cannot recommend this black pudding highly enough…:yum::yum::yum:


I can relate to this. Before the youngling, it was fine dining and generally expensive nights out. Now St. Valentine’s consists of 2 Can Dine for 20 quid from M&S. Incidentally, they include as an option, this year, their Macon Villages Chardonnay, which is very nice. I’ve gone for the Coquilles St. Jacques to start, and the pulled beef and truffle love parcel for the main. (Yes, it’s actually called that!) :see_no_evil: Going to pair this with a nice Ribera del Duero.

Will let you know how it goes!


What the wine or the “truffle love parcel” ? :rofl::clap::joy::joy::joy:


It’s just too tempting … No don’t😂


If anyone’s struggling for last minute Valentines food options , M&S have once again launched their Valentines “love sausage “ :joy:! Apparently there is a cucumber alternative for vegans :blush:!


the Valentine’s Love Cucumber! I have serious doubts whether many of those will be eaten


Mr JayKay, who hates the thought (rather than taste) of black pudding is not swayed or fooled by calling it by some fancy dan continental name, be it morcilla or boudin noir😂 I, being a good northerner raised on the stuff, love it but rarely get to eat it these days. My long-standing romantic gesture to my namby pamby soft southerner partner! (Ed: what north south divide??)


I’m so glad you posted a picture of said ‘love sausage’ otherwise my obviously filthy imagination would have gone into overdrive imaging something from an Ann Summers shop!:flushed: