Uruguayan Tannat incoming …

Probably one the biggest names in Uruguayan Tannat …. Pisano are making a Tannat wine blended by Toby …. I promise I’m
Not stalking his Instagram :joy:


I’ve felt there’s not been so many uraguayan wines listed lately so look forward to some more. I’m currently drinking a Juranico tannat I bought a few years ago and it’s absolutely wonderful!


The Pisano has arrived along with a few others.
Also a good albarino from Juanico.


Thanks for the heads up… Pisano or kids Easter eggs? :rofl:


Are they on the site or due

Uruguay Wine | Buy Uruguay Wines Online | The Wine Society

On the site

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Speaking of Tannat (and Pisano!), has anybody had any experience with Pisano’s Axis Mundi (either the 2011 currently in stock, or the 2002/2015)?

Hi @Toby.Morrhall congrats on the Albariño, it’s received rave reviews so far! I haven’t picked my own yet, but do you think it could do with some age? Might pop it in reserves for a couple years if so

Its lovely now and will keep a couple of years. I am not a fan of matured albarinos but some are. Its a trade off between losing some varietal aroma and gaining some bottle aged complexity. I would drink it rather than keep it.



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