Uruguay and the latest

Had a mail through about this wine, for the money I’m going to give it a try as I’ve never had a wine from Uruguay before. The mixed case looks interesting too especially the rosé :grin:


Interesting offer!

The only Uruguay wine I ever had is this Pisano from M&S (which we drank several times now), and it offers cracking value for money:

But I’d much rather give TWS my money… Definitely tempted… :thinking:


In for a penny, in for a pound …:wink:

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the Juanico Tannat the society used to sell was always very good VFM - I seem to remember it beat a couple of decent Madirans in a blind tasting

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I have no will power!!!

Thanks for posting, better get an order in now before I consider the Burgundy EP, it’s not spending too much if you buy wine on different days.


I’m sure it doesn’t count :see_no_evil::rofl:

Nice article on the Pisanos on the society website too Energetic Temperament And A Strong Uruguayan Personality!

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Did you try any Pisano wines? I attended a tasting tonight with Daniel Pisano… cautious enthusiasm for the reds (which I found a bit ‘high-toned’, with the exception of the RPF (i.e. top-end Tannat)), but I really enjoyed the viognier. Good value anyway.

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Not yet @Bluebeard, but they are definitely raising the profile of Pisano wines, they seem to be everywhere at the moment . I’ll aim to try the rosé over the weekend, I also have the Tannat sitting in the cellar :smirk: