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Upcoming St-Emilion classification


I am wondering what the next ‘big name’ is going to be in a few years. I was talking to an associate of mine who ‘bought quite a few cases of Cheval Blanc back in the nineties for 8 pounds a bottle’. The current retail value of pre-millennium Blanc makes is very hard to justify a purchase when so many other comparable buys exist - a Ferrari, a Stradivari et al ad infinitum.

But I am just curious: there will be a new Classé no doubt.

If we could perhaps get a bit of ‘insider trading’ information from TWS, it could help us to establish priorities in adequate time. As in ‘this may be your last chance to purchase this wine at its real value price’, something like that?

Define ‘value’, I hear you say…


Figeac to be promoted, although it looks like the market has already priced that in…


La Tour du Pin Figeac most likely as it was the only one of the declassified wineries not to be reinstated in 2012.