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Upcoming Rhone growers tasting


Next month I’ll be attending the Rhone growers tasting in Liverpool. It’ll be my second such tasting after the Burgundy one last year. Now Burgundy is my favourite wine, and I was familiar with most of the estates represented, having drunk their wines before and seen them mentioned in Decanter or the societies articles. The Rhone, less so. So I was wondering if you would be able to flag up any of the producers lined up in advance, so we can do a little reading up? Like, where are their vines located, what is their ethos etc. Cheers.


I have only just joined the Society and as such have no idea what a tasting from WS is like.

Currently The Rhone is my favourite region and this certainly tempts me. Can anyone share their experiences regarding tastings please? Would members recommend them?



They have different types. For example the Spanish one last year we were sat at tabled, with 12 glasses of wine already poured in front of us. We then went through them one by one explaining what we were drinking. The growers tasting was in walkaround format, each grower (or representative of) having a table with a handful of wines on, and there was a chance to have a chat with them. The one I went to (and the Rhone one in Feb) was in Lutyens impressive Crypt in the Catholic cathedral, they have whisky tastings there every September too which are great fun.

They cost a bit more than other tastings but I’ve found the quality of the wines far better and they’re not tight with amounts - I’ve been to others where the sample is in danger of evaporating before you get to drink it.


I would like to know as well. If you google Rhone growers tasting there are some old offer notes. I would guess something like Courbis, Villard, Saint Cosme, Jaume, Clos de Cazaux and then a selection of other wines. I am assuming some stock will be released just before the first event as the selection from the southern Rhone looks a bit light at the moment.

But if there’s a Guigal table laden with la la Cote Rotie I won’t be complaining…


I have spoken with the tastings team, the wine notes are usually published online about a week or two before the event as the tastings team would have all of the wines 100% confirmed etc. I will update this thread if I hear anything further :slight_smile:


Hi All. Tim Schwilk here, the Tastings and Events Manager at TWS.

Just to let you know we will have the wines and growers who will be joining us up on the website by Monday.

Currently on the road to Birmingham from Manchester but I will respond to all other queries here shortly.


Thanks so much Tim, and welcome!

(Glad to see you are testing the process of signing up and posting via mobile!)

I look forward to hearing more about the tasting series in Birmingham and Manchester and how the wines are going down.


Cheers, got them now. Good cross section, should be interesting!


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Unfortunately I cannot attend this tasting. I do notice there is a 2005 Courbis Cornas Saborette and a 2009 Courbis Cornas Les Eygats listed. Are these available for purchase? (not listed on the website). Thanks.


Looking forward to tonight. Anyone else going?

Say hello if you spot me.


There should be a Community signal … like a red carnation (but something more suitable for a tasting)



Some kind of ‘masonic’ greeting, or discreet lapel badge Robert :slight_smile: ?


How about with all this cold weather, a red nose!!


Something discrete like this?


Just so you know
Last train from Liverpool st is 9pm tonight due to weather predictions.


ooh, thanks for the warning!

I’ll make sure we pass this on to @Tim_S (and @annaspooner) so they know too


Obviously that’s for Colchester
The web says 10 ticket office said 9
Best to be safe


Thanks @Russ - do keep us up to date if you hear any more or anything changes

I mentioned this to @annaspooner in the tastings team (do make sure you say hello to her tonight - @Tim_S, Anna and I will be working on new plans for even more ‘tastings’ fun in the community in the future) and she has said:

… as it is a 3 hour tasting, members are encouraged to arrive as early as possible and not to feel like they need to stay until the end.

As the tasting finishes at 8:30, this should allow members enough time to get to Liverpool Street (even if they leave at the end.)

We will also keep an eye on transport updates and try to keep members as up to date as possible.


If that’s for Colchester go earlier 100% guarantee there will be a signal failure at Shenfield as there is and has been for the past fifty years in good weather !