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Up coming society events - covid 19


I am happy to leave it here, but I think that everyone is entitled to read and assess as they see fit. Imperfect knowledge seems to be the situation at the moment, and I leave it that both of them were on my reading actually saying much the same about flattening the curve.


FWIW reading the different articles here and knowing why they are referenced and how others are viewing the situation has been helpful to me. I understand science but have never reviewed anything related to pandemics, and I don’t regularly read any of the journals. What I know and my usual sources of knowledge I rely on is not enough in this instance.


I think that under the current circumstances it’s worth reading everything but making sensible judgements on the provenance of the information and then applying it sensibly.

I have just decided to return from skiing early, not because I think I’m particular at risk, but because the appalling snow conditions make the risk benefit, for me, unbalanced.

Then I was supposed to pick up my 89 year old mum on my way and take her home with me for the summer. Under the circumstances I have decided to self isolate first for at least two weeks before going to fetch her.

I was skiing in Chamonix close to the Italian border and just before Italy closed down, many Italians escaped and came over to Chamonix.

You must make your decisions relevant to your circumstances.


Having read both articles, the message is the same. The curve has to be controlled. I like the second article better as it is less emotional. Both well written in my opinion. Looking forward to the next piece on economic impact by Richard Baldwin.

That graph should be looked at in the context of the article. For me it is just demonstrating the shape rather than directly comparing the magnitude in each country.

Be sensible, stay safe and keep each other safe.


Just found the email in my junk mail. It’s from Tastings@thewinesociety.com and being my first event / correspondence from this email address is probably why it ended up there


Fair play on cancelling, suspect further events will meet the same fate. On the plus side the refund on the ticket feels like free money. Was going to the Burgundy v new world tasting so planning to hold a mini version at home. Thinking of

  1. Lemelson Thea’s Selection Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2016
  2. Château de Marsannay, Marsannay 2017

Similar priced wines to make it a fair fight. Any alternate suggestions?


I’d try this, personally…

When it was last stocked, I bought 6 and the people I drank it with all commented on it’s deliciousness.


Aaaargh! Another one for the wish list.

Thanks :+1:


That does sound good. Hadn’t thought about Chile and it’s a couple of quid cheaper. Cheers VinoV.


I’d not been following this thread, but on doing so I picked up the two cited references, and the discussion following. @szaki1974’s comments are well put - they are not in disagreement at all. I would actually recommend people to read both, right through. Richard Baldwin’s paper also covers the risk of double-peaking which is a phenomenon worth knowing about. The strength of Tomas Pueyo’s paper is that it explains clearly the what/why/how of the measures to be taken that stop the epidemic being exponential.

There is of course further discussion to be had.


Hi Simon

As we are hoping to reschedule most of the cancelled events in the 2nd half of the year I haven’t yet decided whether to release the wines that were to be shown at the Burgundy vs New World tasting.

We are already working on creating some digital tastings and seeing what else we can come up not just for those who had tickets to the cancelled events but for all who might be suffering from social isolation.

We know our events are a valuable social event for many of our members and we love seeing members engage with one another. This made the decision to cancel the events ahead of Government advice a difficult one but unfortunately it is looking more and more like it will be the right decision.

Obviously more events are going to be cancelled and we will be updating the website and using the Community to keep members informed as promptly as possible.


Thanks for the info @Tim_S I’m really not trying to stockpile montrachet! Absolutely understandable response to the whole affair, let’s hope that the whole thing plays out where we can raise a glass together soon!


Musar tasting cancelled too (guessing as part of another batch). A dreadful shame but totally understand the reasons behind it.

We’re now self-isolating after my son woke up with a cough…


Best wishes to your son, and to you.


Hope he gets better soon, @Brocklehurstj! It might be nothing to worry about. :crossed_fingers:


Hope it clears quickly and doesn’t develop into anything else !


Hope that cough resolved itself without heralding the dreaded virus. Best wishes to you all.


I’d like to add my own best wishes to the many lovely ones here - here’s hoping that cough disappears as quickly as it arrived and you all stay well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the good wishes all. I’m sure he’ll be ok, whatever the diagnosis. A few kids at his school were sent home yesterday for coughs so not a surprise really. I’ve told them they’re only allowed in the garden or to the playing fields after midnight.

It’s people the other end of the age spectrum that concern me.

Just glad we had a big internet shop delivered yesterday and a sizeable wine delivery last week. Fridge/freezer/dry store audit coming up, to followed by menu plan.

Stay safe everyone.


Keeping everything crossed for you.