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Up coming society events - covid 19


I have tickets for an up coming event in Guildford. I realise things are a bit unknown at the moment but I am guessing discussions are happening about if they should take place ?

I would be good to know


Looks like there is an update on events here:


Hi @Gtong - you should have received an email updating you about the event. As the link suggests, we have unfortunately had to cancel the event with all future events under close review.


Hi @Gtong,

As @Alex88 has helpfully replied (thanks! :slight_smile: ) unfortunately we have recently taken the difficult decision to cancel events between 16th and 27th March, which will affect the upcoming Guildford date. We’re really sorry about this - it’s not a decision we took lightly and it’s putting the health and safety of our members, guests and staff first.

We’re currently working away through contacting all members affected to let you know, and we’re also processing a credit on your account - you should be able to see this on your account by Monday.

Ah - just seen @Tim_S our Tastings Manager has replied too - thanks! We’ll keep you guys updated as quickly as we can about events beyond 27th March.


HI Laura,

I was due to go to the Burgundy vs New World tasting in Manchester on 24th March. Whilst naturally disappointed it’s been cancelled, I completely agree with your decision ( and actually wouldn’t have turned up even if it was still on) !

I’ll enjoy it even more when ( or if ) it’s re-arranged.


Sorry to hear you’re in isolation: hope it’s a false alarm.


Hello SPmember , I’m not in isolation - please don’t say that, you’ll give my partners ( I’m a GP) a heart attack given the current situation!


Sorry: I assumed that was the only reason for not going to the tasting, but I suppose a GP has to be more careful.


Absolutely gutted but completely understandable. One question from me…will there be a tasting list where we could still order from? (Thinking burgundy vs new world)


Thanks for the reply and totally understood. Fingers crossed that all get back to normal after a couple of months


I strongly suggest everyone adopt core self-isolation practises

Anyone in doubt of its value might read this:


Yes, my brother sent this to me today. Very. Scary.

If true (it appears very credible) anyone you know with the particularly susceptible risk factors should be shutting themselves away and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to do the same if at all possible.


Let us try to stick to things we know about in this group, and not send around opinions.


I like opinions - they make life meaningful.

I live in Israel where:

  • schools are closed

  • no gatherings of >100 people for whatever reason

  • no travel abroad is practically feasible

and we are expecting restaurants and shops to be closed or scaled back very soon

The population here is essentially household-isolating and seems to accept these steps as correct and reasonable steps. No panic here - just risk-averse behaviour.


Perhaps the key issue is whether self isolation merely postpones a second or third wave of this virus. Time will tell.

Opinions are for airing not suppressing @SPmember


Our own opinions, yes: that what this is for. Quoting opinions 2nd or 3rd hand from non-experts is not helpful.


So are we not allowed to quote any third party references? Even on wine?

FWIW, even if I don’t agree with some of it, the article is cogently argued. I fail to see why it’s not helpful as we are capable of making our own assessment.


I trust people here who quote others on wine, because I think people here are likely to know enough to avoid obvious errors. And, I hope, they will avoid quoting anyone who includes his zodiac sign in his biographical details.

At the least, try to remember that the fact that cases are rising at the moment is not proof that they are exponential:


You therefore fall into your own trap by quoting external sources.

Please don’t patronise me by commenting that rising cases are not proof of exponentiality. The article you quote shows S Korea and the US on the same y axis with no apparent adjustment for population difference.

The irony appears to be that on my first (speed) read, the conclusions of the benefits of flattening the curve appear to be the same from both articles. The article you quote refers to an exponential phase, which is presumably what we are trying to avoid.

I too have a background in economics. Enough to know its limitations as a behavioural science. Let us see what economists can achieve in trying to limit the economic consequences.


The difference is that I know the author, and his qualifications, and that he is writing on his own field. Quoting an expert in marketing on a scientific subject, without checking his qualifications, does not seem helpful.

Each of us has to decide how to behave in the light of what we know and whose knowledge we rely on, and I think that this topic has now strayed sufficiently far from wine for us to leave it here.