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Unusual wine fault


Last night I opened a bottle of Chianti Classico Filetta di Lamole 2014. The nose was fine and it tasted fine but there were hundreds of ‘amoeba like’ bits floating in the body of the wine. My second bottle was crystal clear. Has anyone got any idea what this is.


Not sure about the amoeba bits but two bottles on a Monday night is good going! Bad day at work?


Not exactly - I had a friend round and the bottle in question was left on one side and the other opened to see if it was the same. It wasn’t. Having said that we had already been through a 2010 Fontanafredda Barolo which was superb. By the way we are both retired so there is no longer such a thing as a bad day at work. Every day is a holiday.


Did it come from northern Italy?


The wine may not have been fined/filtered, were the two bottles the same vintage??




Both bottles 2014. Both purchased at the same time and stored identically


possible dirty bottle at filling giving some form of bacterial growth ?


What @JamesF said or just some bottle variation.


check the lot number to see if they were bottled at the same time


Did they taste the same?


They tasted more or less the same although I was a bit wary to try it. Could it be albumin?


Perhaps you have not been retired very long. I am nearly 75 I have been retired nearly 15 years and whilst i enjoy my retirement i would not regard it as every day a holiday. Its also important to take note of the health guidelines regarding drinking. Alcholism amongst the retired is a growing problem


Ay, it is that. Spoken like a true Yorkshireman


I am not a Yorkshireman I have only lived in Yorkshire since 1979. Though I have spent half my life in Yorkshire,Before 1979 I lived in the south . Surrey and London.