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Unofficial Thalabert Tasting - Saturday 25 April, 8.30pm

I’m a bit of a Thalabert fan, and it turns out a few other members enjoy these wines too, so I invite anyone who has a bottle available to join us in an online tasting on Saturday evening.

To take part, please edit the wiki post below and add the vintage you will be opening on the night. We’ll then proceed much like the regular TWS tastings and chat about the bottles we have open. I look forward to seeing how they are all doing!

[I’ll do a bit of Thalabert research* and post some info here soon.]

*hmm. I thought this would be farly simple but I’m actualy struggling to find much useful information about Thalabert beyond endless listings to buy the wines!

TWS has a decent page about Jaboulet generally here:

but the only other thing I can find right now online is from this site, with the relevant paragraphs being:

The Thalabert vineyard has an incredible history that goes back to the early 14th century. In the early 1800’s, about the same time Antoine Jaboulet purchased Thalabert, the wines from this vineyard in Crozes-Hermitage sold for more than Cornas, Saint Joseph, and Chateauneuf du Pape, with the only Rhône wines selling for more being Hermitage and Côte Rôtie.

The vineyard is situated on the plain of Les Chassis, located on the left bank of the Rhone River between Tain l’Hermitage and Pont de l’Isere. While the Crozes Hermitage appellation is varied in terms of terroir and exposure, spilling out onto more alluvial fans that produce a somewhat lighter style of wine, Thalabert is located in stoney, rocky soils near the river. In his book ‘The Wines of the Northern Rhone", Jonathan Livingston Learmonth describes the soil as “a gravel couch (20-30 meters of gravelly stones), with around half a meter of alluvial stones of Alpine origin on the surface.” It is the vineyards location on these well-drained, hard to farm rocky soils that give it its incredible quality.

If anyone has any further information about the domaine please let me know!

Vintage User Score/10
1990 @GWills 8.5
2005 @jmerrill 8.5
2007 @tom 8
2010 @NW_passenger 8.5
2012 @JulianFox 8
@Herbster 8
2013 @Brocklehurstj (1/2) 7.5
@VinoVeritas 7
2014 @Jcmwooldridge 8
2015 @szaki1974

I’m a bit of a Thalabert fan

I think that makes me a complete piker, despite being a buyer over a good few years. Nevertheless seem to have a bottle of 2010 at home, and (surprise, surprise) no other plans…


Great idea, many thanks for organising !

There’s a vacuum packed ribeye in the fridge to go with it too.


I’ve never had this wine before, so read @Taffy-on-Tour’s advice on this week’s drinking thread with interest.

Weekend Drinking Thread [17 to 19 April 2020]


Unfortunately I’ll be at work so won’t be able to join in, but can’t wait to read through - if it’s on here rather than a zoom or whatnot.

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Surely none of these are going to be ready?

Apart from GWills’ one, of course. Which will no doubt be so good it brings tears to the eyes. I guess we can all just watch him drink it and turn green with envy :rofl:


Guess it depends on how you like your syrah :slight_smile:
I tend to prefer 15+ years for Thalabert but I’d be interested to see how the younger ones are doing all the same!


Sure, but you probably have multiple bottles of each! :smiley:

I’m supposed to be hosting a zoom pub quiz at the same time but I’ll see if I can make arrangements.


Don’t know how to join, but I have Thalabert 2005 which should be just about ready, and would like to join your tasting if possible. Julian


I had that vintage a few weeks ago, it was lovely!

We’ll just be discussing on this thread, so all you need to do is check back with an open bottle! You can also edit the wiki to add yourself onto the list.


Many thanks Tom. I have already added my name to the list. Looking forward to it. I miss wine tastings, so pleased to give virtual a try. Julian


Oof, Saturday night shift! Don’t think we’ll do zoom unless everyone wants to, but I’ll be posting here in any case!

Feel free to open one on your own tho and post the notes :smiley:


Only have 2013 and 2016 so ill wait for a another few years i think. Had a magnum of 2005 on Christmas day - was stupendous!


Thalabert experts, I’m opening this tomorrow.

I’m aware it’s still pretty young, so am thinking to give it a decent decant. Any suggestions as to how long it should be poured out for? Despite the decant, should I still save a glass for Sunday?


I applaud you for even suggesting the idea of having a glass to save from a 1/2 bottle :rofl:


I know it’s early but taking my bottle out of the garden room to stand up. Noticed this on the back label, not entirely sure their translator is as competent as he claims :joy:

Also slightly unnerved by ‘breeding in barrel’ :thinking:


I think @Taffy-on-Tour is the man to give decanting tips! I rarely bother, but will probably give mine a couple of hours tonight.

I’ve had a few of the half bottle 13s while ago. I didn’t decant, but I think I may have left them a good hour open.

For the 12 I’m taking @Taffy-on-Tour’s advice and decanting and giving it a good 4 hours :+1:t2: :grinning: