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Unitary oddity


Just a little anomaly that has caught my attention. The links to wines on the WS site show cost per unit though the main site shows cost per bottle.
I’ve never bought wines by the unit and find it quite a strange word to use. I am wondering if there is some mysterious explanation that is completely eluding my grasp?


It is not that mysterious, unfortunately.

When we created the software for this site, to improve the quality of the data we can access from the main site - to give prices, etc. - we had to take into account that, in fact, not everything on the site is a ‘bottle’

There are a surprising range of items for sale on the site:



Bottles of different sizes:


and even accessories:

So we felt it was easier to use ‘unit’ than try to write something that dealt with every eventuality without causing confusion

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks for explanation. I did think it might be that, but assumed that if the price was being imported, the nature of the item could be imported too.