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Underestimated Wine Region


Hi guys,

As a previous wine lover and small unknown wineries seeker, what is for you the region/appellation which is underestimated and where we can find a real bargain?



For me its the Loire - whilst there are high priced wines there are some absolutely amazing wines at low prices. with such a range of wines from dry to sweet, reds, roses and whites, sparkles as well…whats not to like ?!

sits well in the recent average price data average price

Also helps its a beautiful area with some great food :slight_smile:


I think the Loire also has some great options, Portugal is also a region to check out as their table wines are really good as there are so many odd grapes (everyone just thinks of Port).

Another region that might be of interest is Austria, lots of top quality wines but can be slightly more expensive - never had a bad Austrian wine so far!


Completely agree with @M1tch about Portugal. We drank many delicious things on holiday there about a month ago. I particularly enjoyed wines from Alentejo, which doesn’t quite seem to be held in as high regard as Douro or Dao. The reds seemed a little lighter and the whites deliciously crisp and refreshing. Cracking value wines, generally.


Agree on the Loire. I’m a massive fan of the wines of the South West of France, red, white, dry and sweet, the W/S is a good source for these wines. Greece produces some absolutely stunning wines of great individuality, although not cheap the best offerings are well priced. German wine is better than ever (and not just for Riesling lovers) the W/S has great offerings (lots of bin ends at the moment).


I would also second Austria. It does fantastic wines in all hues and styles, with real attention to detail. I’m also increasingly finding value for money in South African wines. So much choice, so many styles and some excellent alternatives to Bordeaux blends, white Burgundy and Rhone blends.


Maybe its underestimated grapes not regions?

One thing SA and Loire have in common is Chenin


Looking at the two areas I know most about (and that’s not really saying very much!):

For Bordeaux for the better known areas I’d say Listrac and Moulis are both somewhat underrated. For lesser known areas there are some fantastic wines coming out of Castillon and Blaye Cotes (Ch Monconseil is a stonking wine for under £10 (just)).

For Rhone I’d look at Ventoux, Lirac, and Collines Rhodaniennes.

Edit: Oh and Massif d’Uchaux!


definitely THE under rated grape


The Marche has some fabulous wines, which I think are grossly under-represented by the Wine Society!