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Unable to substitue Rhone en Primeur?

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t seem to put your own substitue in place for the current Rhone en Primeur? The brochure I received in the post says you can but the website has different wording.

Is anyone aware of why this has changed?

The algorithm can’t cope

If you are allocated a sub, you can reject it.
You also get dibs on the Remainder List! :+1: :dragon:

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I work in IT. It won’t be a technical thing. If it is they need better IT!

I know I can reject subs, but I’d rather be able to choose my own if I’m honest…

They do need better IT. Significantly better IT. This isn’t related to that.

Apparently it’s a payment thing. It’s to do with what you can and can’t do with ring fenced credit card payments in terms of flexing up and down and delivering or not on what people have actually bought.


That is true, but some subs that I have been offered were far better than the ones that I didn’t get. My problem was taking a minute, getting over myself and researching the sub and moving forward. :dragon:

That is beginning to happen very, very soon :wink: :wink: :dragon:

I queried this and got the reply:

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering a Member’s choice for our En Primeur offers. This was an error in printing which we apologise for. Instead our buyers will choose a wine that is a suitable substitution for a specific wine. It makes the whole process a lot less convoluted to offer all our members the same substitution. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

Like I said…:wink:

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It has brought the order confirmation forward by a couple of weeks.


If that’s the case @Brocklehurstj then bad IT is playing a part in this!

@strawpig - The payment thing does sound plausable. Although I’m sure they never used to take payment until after allocation. Something changed there as well.

I’m assuming it’s all about cashflow. Get the money in. Subs are always a little more expensive so you just take a top up payment rather than refund…

From the website:

Substitutions will be of a similar style, quality and value. If the substitute is of a higher price, you will be charged the price of your original choice; if less expensive, you will be charged the lower price.

its not about the top-up payments. I’ve never been recommended a replacement, just not allocated a wine and sent the remainders list/store credit.


This is my understanding. It was easier for them to do when many (most?) were using direct debit but they are now dropping all direct debit for ordering purposes as I understand it. I think they are only keeping direct debit for reserves payments and cellar plans.

I agree that it appears to be linked to payment mechanisms. I’m not sure why they dropped DD, it seemed more to do with the inadequacies/limitations of the IT system than any good fundamental reason. It appears that even without it the system problems are being exposed in this offer…


Worth linking to the response given when this first cropped up:


I suspect you’re right. I’m just being cynical.

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I work in IT and I write these sorts of systems for a living (CRM, DD Payments etc) and I don’t understand how they have so much of an issue with it. I think the website rewrite has been really good, but the systems that seem to underpin it are not quite up to scratch.

Happy to take a role at TWS doing IT if you’ve got any jobs? :wink:

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