UK Wine Exports

#Wine_GB prediction for exports to reach £350m by 2040 from less than £10m last year. #NZWine achieved £20m to £870m in the same time period. Compare and contrast!02


Bring on global warming. We’ll be growing Carignan in Scotland before we know it.

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A little controversial, methinks! We might not be around to enjoy that Carignan… :grimacing:

Haha probably not no. I am going to try and grow a ‘hot variety’ in my greenhouse though.


Didn’t the Romans have vines very far north?

What have the Romans ever done for us?

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The aqueduct??


Not strictly fitting this thread but thought it interesting:

Wetherspoon to stop selling champagne ahead of Brexit Wetherspoon to stop selling champagne and prosecco - BBC News

You can always rely on Tim Martin for a spot of free publicity!

I can’t imagine they shift a whole load of champagne in Wetherspoons, though I could be wrong. But if the accompanying pictures are to be believed, then they are proposing to replace the champagne with Denbies sparklers, which are not direct replacements as they are Dornfelder based. And, for some reason, Hardy’s Crest (!)

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