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Uh oh - Society Champagne offer


Hi all,

Just to further attack my bank balance after the Rhone EP and possibly the Burgundy EP I have now noticed that The Society Champagne is now down in price! Works out at just over £21 a bottle when buying a case of 6, I didn’t go with the Champagne EP offer last year but now quite tempted to buy a case of the Society Champagne now to then have in my wine rack for the upcoming months.

I posted up a while back for the ‘house styles’ chart which is quite handy to work out which house style is closest between houses. My wife and I seem to enjoy the slightly fuller biscuit end of the spectrum so The Society Champagne seems to fit the bill!


Great. Ordered mine. Better for a bit of keeping, IMHO.

Interesting heading to the email offer (see below). Suggests it’s single year, which it isn’t. It’s based on 2012

“Stock up in style with a superb vintage from the ‘Winemaker of the Year’.”


It is also winemaker of a different year…

These half truths in wine sales emails just p*** me off… and TWS is probably not the worst offender, I’ll start a separate thread.


Don’t 100% understand your point @szaki1974 but would welcome clarity as I was the copywriter who edited this email.

On which note, I must hold my hands up and apologise for the vintage messaging, @wineyg. You’re absolutely right. A quick explanation of what went wrong here: we really wanted to be careful about the vintage/non-vintage message so I asked to tweak the strapline to

“Stock up in style! Based on a superb vintage and made by the ‘Winemaker of the Year’.”

…rather than just ‘A superb vintage’. However, we sent 2 versions of this email (1 was a design test) and unfortunately only one of these versions was amended. Should’ve spotted it and do apologise for any confusion it caused! Best-laid plans…!!


No problem, Martin.

It’s the curse of being an ex-English teacher. Keep marking work in my head!! :grinning:


I’ve never tried the Society Champagne. Reviews on the website suggest I am very much missing out…


Oh, don’t take it as a personal attack, what I meant winemaker of the year is true, but not sure how relevant to the particular bottle it is. I think I am just annoyed by another merchant right now and might have vented excessively here, so apologies for that. I do like your work!


Not taken personally at all :slight_smile: We’re naturally and unashamedly enthusiastic about the wines we offer members, but compromising integrity for the sake of a flowery line is at the top of the forbidden list in my job - so feel free to shout if you ever feel we’re straying on that front and thanks for keeping us on our toes!


Hi David. It is a good quality champagne which, in my opinion, benefits from keeping 12/18 months. The original ‘Granny Smith’s apple notes’ develop into richer, ‘bruised apple’ flavours which seem richer and, to me, more interesting.
Of course it all depends on how you like your champagne but it has the capacity to change which many don’t have.


Thanks for that, I was really tempted to get some of the Boizel 2008 when it was offered EP and I know that it would have already aged for a fair amount of time before release. I read somewhere that NV Champagne isn’t really for aging, although I guess 12/18 months isn’t really long term aging after bottling.

I know some of the houses have a disgorgement date - thinking that this would make slightly more of a difference in terms of the time before disgorgement vs after.

I have a feeling though I might only go with NV Champagnes as, much like Burgundy, it can get rather expensive rather quickly.

On a side note, I would still look into other alternatives such as Cava which uses the same method of production but at better value. Also quite impressed with some of the English sparkling wine we have as well such as the Hambledon wines which at the moment are at a slightly higher price point. Also some of the new world producers using the same grapes as Champagne are also worth considering.

Then there is the added complication of blancs de blanc or blanc de noirs!


+1 for the hambledon! (And nyetimber)

Difficult to justify purchasing champers when ze rosbifs make such good fizz!


I was going to mention that English sparkling wine should start to become even better (and perhaps at a slightly cheaper price point once volumes increase) owing to climate change and warmer weather in the UK…looks outside at the snow hmmm.


I have to say I still find much of the English fizz I’ve tried to be over-priced - I’ve no doubt in time it will make a more sustained challenge to Champagne, but I’m still on the fence. I’d perhaps lean towards the Loire valley fizzes as a place to find good value, and with careful selection, high quality. Worth noting a number of the champagne houses also produce wine in this region, including Alfred Gratien (who produce the WS champagne) - they operate as Gratien & Meyer in the Loire…

Though my personal favourite cremant is from Langlois Chateau, which is Bollinger’s Loire producer…


Similarly Taittinger own Bouvet-Ladubay


Interesting champagne and sparkling wine comments.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on English sparkling wine being cheaper - land prices in the UK, especially in the SE - and it’s relatively small production facilities - will work against economies of scale argument.

A really good book - actually unputdownable (?) - on champagne is called Bursting Bubbles by Robert Walters. I was leant a copy by fellow WS member Richard. Recommend wholeheartedly.

Easter drinking: weekend drinking thread (30th March)

Best champagne/sparkling wine I drank last year was the Hambledon Premier cuvee.


I have been enjoying English sparkling wines but you can’t beat the society’s champagne at £21 per bottle.
My order hopefully comes tomorrow if the van manages to get up to Aberdeen!


I bought a case before xmas - not yet opened - (when it was also at the reduced price currently on offer…) and indeed did the same the year before. The 6 bottles just about covered us for a year - and I honestly think it was one of my best TWS buys of 2016.

Really nice to be able to get a bottle out from the garage, chill it down and drink when it is NOT a special occasion. And for those allergic to sulphur (as I am) this is a champagne I can actually enjoy - its a lovely wine, especially at £21 a bottle.


A hectare of arable land in the south east is around £22.5k, a hectate of land in Champagne is around £976k - the Hambledon vineyards are set on the same soil type as GC Chamapgne, I would say that the cost might come down a bit over time when everything expands in the medium to long term.


At least it should be well chilled when it arrives!


Good point, David. I’m thinking of expansion of English vineyards to supply more.
GB produces 5 m bottles on average compared with 316 m from champagne.

I assume that although land is more expensive in Champagne the capacity is already there.

I’m prepared to be proved wrong with my logic, however. :slightly_smiling_face: