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Typing the wine name/details


Fairly new member to this forum but a long time member of TWS. I have to say this looks like a great community and I look forward to discussing wine with you all.

There are so many great tasting notes and wine descriptions which are lovely to read, but a lot of the time people seem to post a picture of the bottle rather than posting the name of the wine itself. This makes it hard when using the search function to find out what other forumites thought of a specific wine (without reading through every thread again!).

Not sure what others think and as a relative newcomer here you might shoot me down and there may be a good reason not to, but I would really appreciate it if people could type out the details of their bottles when outlining their thoughts (as well as their photos!).



Hi @dshepuk welcome!

Appreciate what you are saying and why but I think this is easier said than done. Personally I don’t want to feel like I need to follow a set routine when posting on the drinking threads (oh I how I wish I was posting on those at the moment, damn dry January). I often post with glass in hand so it’s also easy to forget.

Also often the wines being drunk aren’t readily available either because they have sold out or because they are an old vintage so not always sure what benefit there is from typing out the wine details.

If you are looking for suggestions on types of wine or regions there are plenty of threads open where you can ask for recommendations and people will share them.

Rather than using the search function I often make a note of the wine being mentioned and look for it later….this happens too often as I’m always tempt to try another wine. The weekday and weekend threads are always worth reading through.


Yes fair enough and I wasn’t trying to dictate to others how they should post on here! Merely that I like to see what others have thought about certain producers/wines even if they are previous vintages, and obviously the search function doesn’t pick up photos! Entirely up to you what you do though!

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Never thought you were dictating just sharing my thoughts and what I do. Fully understand why just think it’s hard to remember or do every time.

So where you looking for wines or styles in particular?


No not really. I’ve enjoyed reading through a number of the threads, in particular the current drinking threads. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience on here so I’m interested in what others are up to.

I’ve got a mixed case arriving on Friday with a few South Africans - Beeslaar Pinotage, Iona Syrah, Oak Valley Pinot Noir and Kleinood Tamboerskloof so I will report back!


I wouldn’t want to dictate either, but I think your suggestion is good. Maybe label “details” sounds onerous, but at least some of the more prominent words could be given as text.

This does not need to be done at the time of posting - it is possible to edit posts. I doubt anyone would object, so perhaps this is something we @Mentor s could help with from time to time? But please don’t rely on Mentor intervention


Incidentally, using text not only enables search, but it also makes the post accessible to visually impaired people who rely on screen-readers.


Obvs everyone should post as they wish to, but IMHO it is good when the key details are written; for searching and of course for anyone using text-screen-readers like SS says. My first port-of-call for researching any wine these days is seeing what the good citizens here may have had to say about it.


Like @Winestwit and several others of us, I’m still aboard the Wagon; another 12 days to go. But; memo to self, it won’t be arduous to type in Variety or Brand, Producer, Country and Vintage when sharing a wine on the drinking now threads when I gleefully throw myself off it.

Good suggestion.


This is a very good point and it’s completely passed me by.

I think there have been more photos over the last few months of Society-bought wines than before, as the software for this site no longer seems able to show a nice preview if we paste in the Wine Society URL of our tipple. At least, that’s certainly what I’ve been doing lately, without thinking about its effect on searches.

And I also use the search function sometimes if I want to see whether anyone here has enjoyed a particular wine that I’m eyeing up, so in future I’ll try to start typing out the name of the .wine; it only takes a few seconds.


Completely understand where you’re coming from as it’s not always easy to identify wines through photos @dshepuk I personally love seeing everyone’s photos and what they’re up to/ what wines they’re drinking as a picture is worth a thousand words, but hopefully more Members will add the name of the wines (even if it’s out of stock, only for reference) which will hopefully help anyone who’s looking to try these. :slight_smile:


It’s a great call. I increasingly use this forum as a wine search engine as I’ve come to trust the tasting notes and wider opinions of many regular posters.

I’ll make sure I add more searchable info alongside my grainy photos.


I agree as I also use the search facility a lot to get a view on what others have said. I also agree with what @Herbster says; the links to the old site were easy to do and much more searchable. Now it’s a little harder to do which is a shame. It would be great if the new website could be tweaked to integrate better with this community in this way.


Yes, this. It appears the new site is unable to provide the previews that most other modern sites seem to (is it graphics tags??).


I agree with @dshepuk’s point and started more consciously to include at least the name of the producer and wine in posts on the drinking threads, as well as a photo, and ideally a link to the TWS notes.

This was mainly because like others I find previous posts tremendously useful, especially in trying to assess wines new to me or when bottles might be ready to drink. TWS drinking dates are often quite gung-ho about early drinking (as well as being conservative about end dates) so I find it super helpful having a group of expert drinkers who are drinking or who have drunk the same wines as me, and easy access to their previous reports.



Me too.

We’re ace. We should go behind a paywall :sunglasses:


Welcome @dshepuk

I completely agree with you. I appreciate it when people post a label picture but I too would appreciate it even more if they’d give the wine details: e.g. name vintage and appellation. It’s not difficult.

I do so in my ‘Drinking’ posts, copying and pasting the details from CellarTracker and I also post where the wines came from (see here)

Sure the wine may no longer be available from that source, or if I say I got the wine from the winery it may not be obtainable from a retailer in this country, but the information gives a starting point for anyone daft inspired enough to follow me.