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#TWSTastings - why not mentioned on TWS website


Just rolled my mouse over this and wondered why not.


I appreciate that a hot link to the most current monthly tasting thread on this community might be tricky. However, if there is a #TWSTaste wiki, then a link to there from the main website might drive participation…


I almost spat my coffee when I noticed your basket total !!!


Ah yes, using @VinoVeritas’ trick. Start at 100 cases then watch it trickle away. The wish list is effectively the back-up wishlist.

It’s actually gone down a bit as some bin ends have sold through and I can’t possibly add any more to my order awaiting delivery next week (the 2 Lieser Piesporter Goldtropfchen Kabinetts were the final addition I couldn’t resist when switching my delivery from courier to TWS) or place a new order.

I’m attending 2 TWS tastings in the next month and the Barolo EP campaign is probably only a month away. My rolling 2020 budget is already looking worryingly inadequate!


That’s not a basket it’s a skip, or two! He is clearly cornering the market in something…or more probably trying to work out what the stocks of something is…just don’t click the button.


The website would probably crash and we’d all be stuffed !


Basket total aside, I think that it would be a great idea to flag up TWSTastings on TWS website. It would be a great steer towards the Community (which seems significantly less visible on the latest version of the website) and is a great way for members to try some different wines and develop their tasting skills. And its great fun! So the more the merrier I say.