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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



It almost feels unfair to do this, but…

Wine of the night?

  • NZ Chardonnay
  • Exh. Haut Medoc

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8/10 for me - it went well with my beefy burger! Most claret needs food


WE know……………:rofl:


It was a very close call for us, we like them both muchly.


Compared to other Bordeaux wines at similar price points this is really great value for money in the current market. A £10 bottle of Bordeaux would be distinctly less impressive!


I have burgers on the way for dinner so I’ll give that a try! :smiley:


I can’t really vote, definitely a bad bottle for me on the haut-medoc. Have tipped the glass down the sink and switched to the Chardonnay, which I have to say I’m really enjoying!


I mean… I’m sure @MrLaura has been called worse :sweat_smile:


Well that’s GREAT to hear for someone who’s not generally a white wine fan! :smiley:


Sounds like it could be brett…


That’s what I was thinking too.


The red has a lovely nose and is quite food friendly, but it’s quite ‘hot’ for me and perhaps a little unbalanced as described earlier? It would be good to try in a few years time, methinks.
6.5 for me, at this time.


You rang … ?

or does that just age me …?


Would it make it worse if I said I don’t get this reference…?


Too young…!


Yes!! (Brett Sinclair, from The Persuaders. Look it up! Roger Moore, with Tony Curtis)


We got it :grinning:


Yes it seems to fit with descriptions I’ve read. I’m not getting the corked mouldy basement thing but I am getting barnyard and quite frankly rotting cabbage. yuck.

Well I’ve had very very few wines that I’d consider faulty and this is my very first from TWS so can’t complain too loudly.


Who is that? Roger Moore?


I don’t get it either, feeling young for a change!