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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



We agree… SA next month?


She’s definitely not talking about the wine!! ITs your lucky night :rofl:


Salted chocolate caramel nut tart going very well indeed…


Mexican mole sauce perhaps.


Out tasting note says now to 2022. We’re generally on the conservative side, so it should last a good while yet.

The château says: “The average annual temperature was very high at 14.2°C, making this a record year. The year was very rainy until the end of August, except for the month of April.
An Indian summer took hold in September, with dry weather and very high temperatures. These unexpected conditions made September the saviour of the vintage!!”

So ripe, yes, but sounds like a bit of an uneven year.


I’d be interested to hear your marks out of 10 for this one?


I’d love to try this again in three or four years…



Couldn’t go higher than 5, I think… Might re-taste tomorrow (in fairness, it was opening up towards the end a little after an hour in the glass).


I’m giving it an uncharitable 5 for drink now


Five from Newcastle…


6 right now. Too young for me. I’d prefer something with a bit more oomph
I’ve returned to the white and it’s blossoming very well.


7.5 from the Horsham Wine Academy


Difficult. Lots to like but lots that we are less sure about. Marks: 5, 6, 7, 6, 7.5


Marks: 7, 6, 5 here.

No. one reviewer is just happy to be out and drinking…


7 for me. Think it would be better with food


we’re split 6, 6.5 and 7. Debating trying it again tomorrow, might soften up


We’re going for 8.5 cuz we loves it :sunglasses:


Maybe I’m just grumpy from looking after four dogs this evening (two sausage dogs, two cranky golden retrievers…)