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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



It needs food for sure.


Yes think I’ll give them a shout tomorrow. I’m a huge Bordeaux lover and, well, this is not it…


I can’t decide if it needs a bit more time in the glass but this is ever-so slightly under-delivering for me, although possibly just because it has such a lovely nose. Or maybe I’m just more of a ‘big, bold red’ kind of lady. It is very smooth, though.


I’m not convinced - too smoky for me. The others here think it’s quite smooth and doesn’t need food.


Its got a grip around my throat… I’m not sure about this one, I think it still needs more time. I;m getting lots of tobacco with the menthol and the tannins very much present. The fruit is there but tbh I think its a little unbalanced.


All agreeing with that. Have some gruyere and cheddar that are both going very well. And with chocolate!


That’s what I thought a few hours ago. It’s still quite elegant. I’d have the society’s corbieres over this any day.


Hmmmm… Dry, high acid, dusty fairy high tannins, quite thin mid-palate: plum & blackcurrant, cherry, cinnamon spice, a little vanilla sweetness but quite dry on the finish (med length). Hmmmm, not quite doing it for me — palate just a bit underwhelming…


@Ewan Yes! That’s an interesting tasting note - Cola and blackcurrant leaves… Plum and pencil shavings for me.


I just scrolled back up and noticed the petit verdot is 10%. I wonder if that’s adding an unexpected astringency?


Now you see smooth I could never apply to this. each mouthful leaves me with fur on my teeth. Think I’ve got a dodgy bottle :frowning: Ho hum


All of what @philip_currie said! Yep :smirk:


Cold be - needs some time to settle in. Although 4 1/2 years is ‘some time’ …


It should just add the bit of “spice” rather than astringency… I think its too young.


Depends on how ripe it got in 2014 I guess…


The 2005 regular bottling is still not there yet


So aside from the cheesy goodness you guys have suggested so far, does anyone think this would be better with food? And if so, what?


This is the problem with Bordeaux reds for me - there seems to be better wines elsewhere, even when you add food (which usually helps with Claret, I find). It would be interesting to taste a good Claret against a similar blend from SA, perhaps?


Tastes good with dark chocolate cherry liqueurs (not just any…)


Other Half says this is one of the best reds she’s had in a long time :+1:

Or is she talking about me… … … ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: