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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



Definitely!!! :+1:


I’ll have to do that - I’ve never picked up graphite but maybe because but don’t know what to call it.


I decanted the red at about 7 and we drank it with our dinner ( M&S burger as it’s barbecue weather here) lovely smooth claret which is one of my favourites but perhaps a bit too much for a simple BBQ!


Even a little cherry-cola


In 2010 or thereabouts I hosted a tutored tasting of clarets from the 1980s. There was sone top gear from 85, 88 & 89 - crus classés - but we started with the '82 Beaumont and it really stood up for itself.


Let’s have a taste of the red, shall we? :smiley: As if you haven’t already… :wink:


This is a very friendly claret. We’re getting chalk and allspice as well now.


Ummm, oh dear, I’ve got distinct barnyard overpowering everything else. Not very nice.


oooops! tasted it early… my excuse is I’m eating… Great nose!




Mrs CC: stacks of blackcurrant for me.


:musical_score:C-O-L-A Cola …


Ooh, the chardonnay’s in for some serious competition here.

Lovely soft palate, still a bit of grip there but very satisfying.


More oak on the palate with the fruit coming on the finish for me. Cassis, menthol, vanilla, strong clove/ almost astringent, smoke, black fruit. It actually tastes greener than it smells.


Strange - an off bottle, maybe? :disappointed_relieved:


This needs some cheese.
I only have Red Leicester but it goes well.
The tannins are not too harsh. A nice firm claret.


Yeah, it does sound off.


Oh no! That doesn’t sound right. I’d contact Member Services about that!


I’m just wondering that. I’m not getting any of the tasting notes so far mentioned except possibly the pencil box/ graphite. I’ve tried tasting and it’s hugely astringent.


I think I know what you mean - it’s there on the finish too.