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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



7.5 from the Horsham Wine Academy


Surprisingly nice with stilton.

Scores: 7, 6 and 6 here.


7.5, 7.5, 8, 8, and 8 here


8 - lovely, great quality. Might even say very good value too.


Thank you! I was about to look it up myself! :laughing:


Okey-dokes, let’s pour a glass of red, give it a swirl and stick our noses in the glass… first sniffpressions?


Bravo @Ewan :sweat_smile:


Loads of graphite jumps out of the glass with some black currant and liquorice


I poured the Beaumont at 8 o’clock, same time as the KR. Beautiful warming archetypal claret nose - plummy, brambly and a whiff of pencil case.


Black crushed fruit, vanilla, cloves, a hint of Dust (forest floor?), menthol in the background, allspice, some bramble stalk.


Getting the liquorice, but more sherbet fountain liquorice tube than Pontefract cakes.


Blackcurrant, cigar box, smoky, pencil shavings, vanilla black cherry


Yes to the pencil case. Nice ripe fruit, not much leafiness.


Marzipan & plums


Definite pencil shavings and black-cherry for me! And something a little sweetly spiced.


Some clarets already smell green and stalky (to me - I’m not a huge claret fan), but this is bright and breezy while showing some good concentration of fruit on the nose. It makes you look forward to tasting it. Enticing.


The teacher here understands whiff of pencil case. The smoky element is like pencil sharpenings, or lap sang tea.


Medium rich ruby. Plum, black cherry, vanilla, clove, bramble, pencil shavings.


I poured this around about 4pm, lots and lots going on, Lovely juicy plums and blackcurrant followed by coffee beans, dark toffee with a lingering menthol note and allspice. Smells fab!


I always find describing the graphite a bit weird, until you sharpen a pencil and smell the results