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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



I think we should all have another large swig to be sure of our tasting notes :smile:


Loving the balance - good acidity but lovely round flavours and, yes, a hint of pepper at the finish. Going very well with asparagus!



I’m thinking cauliflower cheese would be nice with this.


@Rifka My sentiments exactly. Have been happily trying unoaked white burgundies recently, but this too is very delicious.


Just like me - this is always one that makes me change my mind, though. And I love this wine when it’s not too cold. I grabbed it from the showroom at seven, drove 15 minutes home, stuck it in the fridge for 30 mins and it’s perfect right now.


Lobster cauliflower cheese…


Stop it… I’m starving …


Yeah, I’d look like a rabid raccoon if I tried to copy la chastain pensively sips wine


Ooh, these sound like great matches for different reasons! Now I’m hungry…


I’m veggie now so no more lobster for me


Mrs CC: we had it with asparagus earlier - it is a good match. OK with single Gloucester but better with Black Bomber Welsh Cheddar.


Getting the honey thing now this is warming up. Good old Kumeu River, this is ace.


… aux crevettes with a mornay sauce served in a Provençale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pâté, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam


BLACK BOMBER IS MY FAVE!!! :heart_eyes: Ooh I can imagine it’d go nicely.


Mrs CC: it is such a good cheese!


It is going down well. Nice and smooth and a pleasant after taste


That’s not real food… don’t they give that stuff to prisoners of war ??:laughing:


Black Bomber is amah-zing! North London TWS group introduced me to it and I’ve been buying it a lot.