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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



Mrs CC: getting the vanilla, with a slight back note of petrol.


Thanks @Leah
It’s good to be here :raised_hands:


I’m just going to be lurking for the white. I’m not a white drinker but am prepared to try, but I don’t have the vocabulary so will just try and identify what you good folk are suggesting.


we are a group and variously getting white chocolate, others vanilla, green apple and peach. Getting more as it warms.


Ooh, lots of lovely aromas going on, it seems! Let’s dive in for a taste! What d’ya reckon?


White peach, cream, struck match, passion fruit - it’s quite an elegant New World Chardonnay. Normally I find them quite blowsy.


Lovely acidity to keep the ripeness in check :+1:


Mrs CC : tastes a bit of vanilla with lots of pepper


a super example of cool climate Chardonnay, if anyone has a bowl of toasted flaked almonds handy it’s a perfect match


What is the word for a viscous wine? In whisky terms I would say this has legs.


Woah, oak on the palate. Quite savoury, warming, textured. Toast, cream, apricot pit.


Very firm on the palate. The creaminess follows through supporting the acidity.
A nice long finish too.
This needs some food


Dry, high acid - linear & racy. Loads of minerality. Lemon, peaches, apricot, cream, smoke, saline, even a little white pepper spice. Med body, long.


This hasn’t hit its prime by any means yet. Lovely creamy mouthfeel with vanilla and again some liquorice coming through. Really good body with a chalkiness and bitter kumquats on the finish. This is lovely and balanced quite nicely even with the high acidity. I think it will get better.


Ooo, bitter kumquats - nice one. I can get that now. The finish keeps going


Ooh I hadn’t picked up on the pepperiness but I really see what you guys mean!

EPIC tasting note! :smiley:

I’m surprised by how fresh and pure this is, despite its lovely creamy texture!


There’s a heck of a lot going on with this - from soft and gentle beginnings, it has become rich, orangey, honeyed, opulent, with pink grapefruit and mandarins. Just a touch of anise - beautiful. Can definitely see why it’s a medal winner.


I usually find whites just too acidic for me but this is surprisingly smooth. I definitely get the peach and maybe the vanilla, also possibly a little kerosene (or something) on the nose. But I’m actually quite liking it; could grow on me.


I don’t normally reach for a Chardonnay but this one is making me change my mind.


Good call! Get that now.