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#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]



Only in a wise and experienced-with-life way. Great opening credits and theme tune!




One of the very best theme tunes.


Okay, who got @Ewan’s Brett reference?

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Well, what a night it’s been! We’ve had chardonnay which impresses even chardon-naysayers (a phrase @martin_brown coined… :grinning:) and a claret with a tricksy nose that needed more time (but was very food-friendly, it seems!) Thanks everyone for coming - and I hope you can join us for our very special AGM #TWSTaste on 10th June!


Hahaha! Brilliant.




Well this says more about the age demographics of the #twstaste participants Vs the general membership for sure :rofl:


So, for all the youngsters out there who missed out - and the more mature wine drinkers - Enjoy!


Snap! HaHaHa. Great tasting!


Thanks Laura we really enjoy these evenings looking forward to the next one.


RIP Roger Moore - just Googled him and today is the second anniversary of his death.


Is there a July date yet?


Very spooky :zombie:


Roger Moore is dead?? I must’ve been living under a rock :joy:


Ah, but did you get to the end … it’s the French version! Not ‘The Persuaders’ but ‘Amicalement Votre’.


:laughing: Fair play, he was about a zillion years old when he finally carked it.

Meanwhile, we’ve just ploughed our way through a tube of Pringles® Rice Fusion Malaysian Red Curry Flavour Savoury Snack and whilst it was very tasty, it was most definitely not a good match for the claret, which tasted like it had suddenly lost about £10 of its list price :dizzy_face:


I experienced the exact same thing recently! No idea that it happened 2 years ago. Might not have been the best Bond but his era definitely had some of the best villains.