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#TWSTaste - Wine Champs



Hello everyone!

Welcome to this LIVE #TWSTaste virtual tasting where we’ll be trying two of our Wine Champs 2018 winners!

A special thanks to everyone for turning up despite the England semi-final - please feel free to join in while watching the match and have some football chat in amongst the wine stuff!


If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about.

While you’re at it, check in here to tell us you are taking part

  • I’m here and ready to taste! #IT’SCOMINGHOME
  • I’m here - but only lurking while I cheer on England :raised_hands:
  • I’m hiding behind the sofa because I can’t bear the tension :grimacing::soccer:

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We’ll be tasting these two Wine Champs winners:



Stay tuned for @Ewan to post some handy background info on both the wines at 8pm, but feel free to introduce yourselves/start some football & wine banter…

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NEW #TWSTaste [11th July]: Wine Champs!

Food for tonight: stuffed Portobello mushrooms, chicken with roast cherry tomatoes, peach and feta salad, asparagus followed by cheese board

NEW #TWSTaste [11th July]: Wine Champs!

We’re set up on the wild west coast of Scotland with cottage pie in the oven and already started on the white I’m afraid


I’m not sure if my taste buds can take it after that half :wink:


I should be drinking water, but wine is … Trippier :wink:


I’m getting Kaned


Here with Mr JayKay and the tension is palpable. TWS Fino sherry to calm the first half nerves. Now ready to get serious.


Evening all :slight_smile: This is going to test my capacity for multi-tasking to its admittedly rather slender limits… but can’t wait to see what people think of our bottled Champions!


Big hello from Brighton :wave: Only Inbar here today, as the girl and the husband will be glued to the screen once more, once he finished washing the dishes and she finishes ‘face-timing’ (or whatever it’s called) her friend.
Although I don’t mind football- I LOVE wine, so I’ll be here throughout! :smiley:


Evening everyone! I’m here, having tried (and failed!) to watch much of the first half because my nerves are shot!

I also just had a Wifi meltdown, hence the topic starting a little late - but we’re here now! Who’s got the wines open already?

@Ewan is going to post some handy facts about the wines in five minutes or so, so chat amongst yourselves! :smiley:


We started on the white, and had it with delicious veggie (the girl is veggie) Massaman curry. Good combo, I must say! :ok_hand::star_struck:


Hello all. I’m here with daughter (also a member ) and husband. Footie on in the background. GV in everyone’s glass.


Valpolicella is breathing, Grüner’s resting in the fridge. Match on in the background, finishing up dinner!


Hello from The Duke of Cornwall hotel, Plymouth. I can hear the cheers from here!


Ahhh, Plymouth! Lovely place… :smiley:


Does Ripasso need decanting?


Had a quick glass of red with a burger earlier. Very nice.


I say not essential but certainly wouldn’t hurt! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t harm it


Nope it’s already great !