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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



vanilla and cherry all the way. smooth with a wiff of permanent marker


Ripe, sweet cherry, plum and something non-food that I can’t put my finger on!


Ditto! We’re loving the medicinal note to the fruit - and @Bargainbob, menthol is spot on for us too!

Some plum for me too, @DrGrumble.

@catherine - RHUBARB! Yes!!

These are all great shouts, everyone.


Has it had any oak ageing?


I certainly agree a bit medicinal


That’s the bubblegum!


Great description!

Getting some cherry the more I sniff, almost as a layer over the other elements


Agree with the bubblegum, but that comes in late!


Mrs CC: and a faint hint of the smell you get in shops that sell scented candles and nice homewares. Don’t know what you’d call it, but there was something of that.


I know this is odd, but there is something that reminds me of whisky. Maybe just the alcohol?


Mrs Brod instantly said tobacco.


Perfect description


Magnificent description!


I have to laugh.
A review on the app says ‘truly nasty, even for a fiver’


Yeah, one of the first things I thought was there was quite a strong alcohol presence to the aroma - see what you mean. It is 14%, I guess!


Getting more and more fruit. And now someone has said “permanent marker” I can’t see past it…!


Medium ruby.

Clean, touch of red fruits (raspberries, cherries, a touch candied? — yes @_Wine, I get a touch of bubblegum too ), black fruits (blackcurrant, plum), but first impression was “spicy” (black peppercorn), plus aniseed, menthol, fennel, lavender. Youthful though, maybe a touch of vanilla/butterscotch — do we know the oak treatment? (check on the palate)


Light colour is not a surprise - cinsault element?


If I’m allowed to talk of taste yet; straight out of the bottle I’d have agreed but not definitely not now. It was way better after an hour in the decanter.


Mrs CC: getting a bit of vanilla: faint, but it’s there.