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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



You can have too much information you know😄


Oh don’t hold off on our account! :slight_smile:


We are getting plum.


Blackberries and liquorice, maybe a bit of cherry too


As a big Bordeaux and Rioja drinker it’s strikingly pale by my standards. I didn’t get much off the smell but definitely fruit. I thought cherry.


This idea of sea salt blown on to the grapes is interesting.

The first rule of making bread though is not to let the salt touch the yeast as it won’t prove!

Right, the red…


Some cherry in there or should I just get some ‘tunes’


Slightly menthol?


Definitely very fruity


Blackberries, cherry, creamy vanilla, bit of stewed rhubarb :heart_eyes: It smells like crumble!


I get some vanilla but nobody here agrees.


I definitely get cherry; sour cherry I reckon.


Mrs CC: getting blackcurrant and aniseed and something else. And now I know thanks to Bargainbob: slight hint of menthol.


I’m with you - very subtle but it’s there


Colour is very ‘cherryade’. ( Sorry, I’m old enough to remember the Corona man).
A bit blackberry or elderberry on the first sniff.


First thought is liquorice, menthol, blackcurrant


surprised at how pale it is … I get the cherry smell, and menthol


I thought a touch medicinal but now I think that’s the menthol already mentioned.


We’re getting bubblegum here!


Damson and a bit spicy, some cinnamon or clove