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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



If I had to hang my hat on an answer, I’d say it’s an illusion of saltiness caused by the influence of the lees… but am not going to write off the rather lovely ‘genuine salt’ argument care of the sea breezes without doing some further research!


I’ll get this again, absolutely. 7/10 and really good value.


By the sound of it you should all be having oysters with this one… I am already salivating at the thought… a visit to the Oystermen may be in order


I missed your comment and said the same thing. Great minds think alike!


Good example of muscadet.
Went well with a mouthful of Parma ham I’ve just had


Overall, not bad at all.

Balanced (despite the high acidity — I’d expect/want that, and there’s (just) enough fruit in there to keep it in check)
Some length, not particularly intense or complex (but then I wouldn’t expect it to be — the saline/bread dough lees notes & additional body stop it being boring as well).

And it tastes like a Muscadet! And I like it!

I think that qualifies it for a 5/10 (on my very very stingy & harsh scoring system!)

In real terms, yes I would definitely buy it again, it’s a great price for what I think is a pretty good example — I shall definitely pop a couple more bottles into my order ready for when next I want a decent Muscadet! (Probably fish & chip night, since so many have suggested it!)


Not over keen. 6/10, as it is a ‘good’ wine, just not enough body for my tastes. Will try and do some suitable food for the remainder.


Mrs CC: we’d have it again. Actually we will be having it again. Especially with fish and chips.


I’m a 7/10 and Mum a 5/10 but we’d both be open to upping our scores if we got a good food match with it next time. So probs will buy again but not in a massive hurry :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought 2 bottles


Definitely started too cold for me and has developed nicely as it warmed up


6/7 out 10. we think it would be a different kettle of fish with a fish dish though!


Probably not a great judge on white wines but a 6/10 for me


Very enjoyable but definitely one for food. Muscadet is not a regular for us and learnt something tonight. Would buy again. 7/10


Let’s go onto the red then! :smiley: Everyone pour yourself a glass, and let’s see what sights and smells greet us… :wine_glass:


Does anybody ever measure the salt content of wine so that we can know whether what we are tasting is real?


…a quick blow of the nose and


Oat biscuit first!


Looking forward to next months “Fish and Chips with Muscadet” TWStaste!


We’ll hold off glugging it this time!:wine_glass: