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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



Yep, same here. Enjoying this aperitif-style before beef ragu and pasta with the fistful of schist.

I could absolutely see this with BBQ chicken wings. Not the first combo I think of with muscadet, but I think that would work beautifully.


Of course! ‘Sur Lie’ on a Muscadet label means the wine has been kept in contact with the lees - these are the dead yeast cells that occur naturally during fermentation. Keeping the wine ‘on the lees’ / Sur Lie for a little while adds a different kind of character to the flavour and texture, and are at least partly responsible for the distinctive tang people are picking up.


Very true :clinking_glasses::grinning: glug


Mum thinks there’s a bit of a medicinal taste too and I’m getting it a bit, like iodine.


Is the saltiness genuine salt or is it an illusion of saltiness?


Wow you really get that much salt? I love how people taste things differently - it really makes these group tastings interesting :slight_smile:


Salt is coming through now you mention it
But I like that


Yes, I do! But I wish I’d made a dish to go with it, as I’d like to try it with food. I will do tomorrow.


We have allowed it to warm up and there is definitely more of an aroma. It is now 13C


Very useful. Educational as well as tasty


I bet this is mega with fish and chips as well


Yeah I’m quite surprised how salty it is to me too!


Would it go with fish and chips?


Good shout! I like the idea of that


OOOOH! Yes. That’s exactly what I’ll try it with next time!!

Shall we wrap up the white before moving on? Who likes it? Who’s not keen? Marks out of 10? A buy-again?


Probably genuine — some say that the sea winds carry sea salt which sits on the grapes & transfers to the must during pressing. Add to that the lees ageing, which causes many flavour compounds from the yeast cells to escape into the wine.


Have to say - we have enjoyed this Muscadet, with food, much more than we have more expensive wines - clean, crisp, dry, mineral - works really well with fish and salad but would drink on its own as aperitif - before (and with) bbq


I’m going to give it 7.5/10 - very good and one I may well buy again


Went very well with the chicken and vegetable stir fry (Teriyaki Sauce)… certainly pick’s out the saltiness of the wine … Mrs F is enjoying this Muscadet


Initially, pear and melon. As it warms getting more of the saltiness.