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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



OK we’re not getting this saltiness that everyone mentions. More of a mineral flavour on top of the melon and lemon fruits.


Too cold I think


That sounds like I would like this wine…


I wish I’d had time to cook some up. They’re a favourite


Is melon typical of Muscadet?


Yep - now you say it, you’re probably right


Can’t really get the saltiness. Maybe I drink too much Manzanilla?

It’s fresh and cleansing, though. Very nice.


In ‘Sur Lie’ Muscadets like this, absolutely! Some say the grapes take on a salty character because of the sea breezes… I’m more inclined to blame the lees personally, but who knows!


Yes absolutely a food wine, as much as I’m enjoying the saltiness I think I’d struggle drinking it on it’s own


I think you would, it actually reminds me a bit of a lighter bodied, slightly fresher cousin of the Vina Sanzo Verdejo


Lemon was my first thought, and even lemon pith/rind on tasting. Maybe green apple? Something fresh, like a stream.


Sorry real amateurs here, but everyone mentions the lees - can u clarify?


I cold quite happily enjoy a glass of this on its own. Oh hold on - I am!!



Mrs CC: we had it earlier with a chicken and cashew nut stir fry (only with walnut oil, soy sauce and water from soaking dried mushrooms) and it went well. With the salt and pepper taste than I’m getting, though it would marry up with salt and pepper crisps. Well, no more than any other wine. I like it’s crispness and dryness but definitely one for food.


We are surprised how dry it is


Neutral is the word that comes to mind. Not in a bad way, just the fruit is s-o-o-o will-o-the-wisp.


A glass totally but anymore than two and I think I’d feel like I’m drinking the sea!


Could it possibly due to roots as deep as a brackish water/soil well below the normal cultivation layers?


LOVE this description! :smiley: Yes, Mr Laura also says he gets lots of lemon. Do you like it?


I’d have expected it to be quite dry and it certainly is