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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



Exactly what I said just now


I found the decanting it early made huge difference.

I’m now getting more convinced by the decanting business.


Thanks everyone - really good fun and hope you can join us for the next one :slight_smile: Especially nice to see a few new faces sharing their thoughts so eloquently too :slight_smile: I’m off to construct a Jungian analysis of the Fistful of Schist label and consume cheese. Cheers!


Probably safer than Freudian!


Ours was wensleydale and worked well (that was all we had it the fridge !!)


It will be interesting to see Ewan’s statistics on who has attended this evening


A. Wine school sounds AWESOME

B. I actually can’t make this one either! I’m going to be on a flight back from Bulgaria. So we can always both try the wines afterwards and post our opinions after the tasting! :smiley:


I’ve just done a little cheese experiment too, I think good with strong cheddar, better with gran Padano, not much change with double Gloucester :cheese::wine_glass:


Let’s do it!

& yes, wine school is AWESOME! WSET Level 3 earlier this year, now studying for French Wine Scholar which starts in three short weeks… Eeek!!!


Yes definitely softened it. My initial taste (before decanting) was dominated by acid, and I definitely didn’t get that later.


The 18th is our 5th wedding anniversary. Hmmm. Well, we might drink one of the wines but I probably won’t be commenting!

Great fun tonight, and good to see some new names and avatars too. Have a great evening everyone!


I think everyone should go to wine school…


Ah good stuff! I’ve got plenty left over so will see what it’s like tomorrow evening maybe!


We’ll be just back from NY


Starting WSET level 3 in November - can’t wait!


Congratulations in advance (as I’ll probably forget by then)! :smiley:


I appear to be missing out here🤔


About 40-45 people watching, and 25 people commenting, from my numbers!

Really fantastic to see a good few new users taking part and posting. :+1:

That sounds fantastic! Mr Laura and I did Level 3 a couple of years back - this sounds like a real step up - very impressive! :smiley: Looking forward to hearing about it - as will, I’m sure, lots of people here. :smiley:


You know I really wondered about this online wine tasting, but it really works and you don’t have to worry about interrupting people! :rofl:

ETA: and no one sees you blushing!


Really enjoyed my first #twstaste, thanks everyone! Hopefully “see” you all next time!