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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



Definitely better with cheese but, for me, not an amazing wine. I’ll give it 5.5 - we’ll finish it over the weekend but wouldn’t reorder


Mum’s gone for 7/10 for the red and I think 7.5/10, I’d definitely buy this one again :grinning:


I still think it went great with my Porcini mushrooms. But again that’s a good strong flavoured food.


Oh yes please!


difficult to compare a red with a white . 6 out of 10 for the red


Sounds good. We’ll be back! Thanks for a great first experience


Thank you @laura


Yeah, there’s a lot going on!


The “Fistful” is improving with the cheese and biscuits - but its definitely the Muscadet for us


Great fun as always, glad I managed to pick these up and give them a go. My wife gets home in 10 mins so she still has it all to look forward to!


Oh no!!! I can’t make it — I’ll be at wine school that night! Might get the wines anyway & check in with you all when I get back… :wine_glass:


We tried it with Brie but weren’t convinced… we’re off to seek out some cheddar!


Red seems a bit smoother now it has been opened for over an hour


I can definitely see that :+1:t3:

Oddly I suspect my ragu, salty with pancetta, would have worked better with the Muscadet!


Thanks all! Until next time…


Mrs G will be back from camera club later - I am sure she will have her say…


That’s just two days before I leave home for two months, but I’ll try and make it.

A fun hour.

thank you one and all.


No cheddar doesn’t work as well - have you got a blue you can try?


Better with cheddar that gruyere. Would love to have tried some brie but the lovely truffle one we bought a few weeks back is a bit past it :frowning:


I think I saw you say there some difference, is that right? (Can’t find the specific post now!)