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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



YESSS! Good shout!


The Shiraz seems to be hiding behind the Cinsault and Mourvèdre, which are unmistakable


So which was your wine of the night?!

  • The Muscadet!
  • The Fistful of Schist!
  • Neither
  • Both!

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Agree no oakiness here


Overall, not bad for the price, but not brilliant (not my preferred style, but also I’m cutoff by that slightly-too-hot alcohol.

So, balanced? Not quite. Length - not really. Some intensity, a fair amount of flavour, some of which was unusual.

That’d be a 4/10 then… (yikes, that does feel harsh…)


Definitely the second glass went better with the cheese - thanks for the recommendation :+1:


I can’t really vote as I didn’t have the Muscadet. But I thought the Fistful was great value for the price.


The shiraz is c.50%! But younger vines (freshness in the blend) - the c.35% old-vine cinsault is making more of a mark on the flavour, I agree


I’ll abstain my vote tonight though I’ve enjoyed them both


Ah thanks for that! Makes sense to me!


5/10 for the Schist. Does not really work until you add some strong(ish) food the take away the slight hint of diesel on the alcohol.


5 our of 10 for the fistful on its own. Add cheese and it’s a 6.5!


5/10 from us… Great price but happy to pay more for more


Totally off the flavour topic, but does anyone know what’s going on with the guy dangling off the pole on the label?


@Bargainbob has got it spot on


As usual…


We’re going with Bargainbob - Fistful needs cheese to make it work


That could be a South African political hot potato


That label needs a lot of explanation


Well, as we wrap up another fantastic #twstaste let me thank you all for coming and being so brilliant! :smiley:

I’m pleased to announce that our next tasting will take place on…

18th October! And the theme is fine wine secrets!

We’ll be announcing the wines on 1st October so you’ll have 2 1/2 weeks to get your orders in. :smiley:

I hope you can join us. :slight_smile: