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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



I thought cherry with a touch of pear drops.


It could well be, you get that in this wine, which is a single varietal Mourvedre… and is probably as good as a sub £6 wine gets… sorry for the off topic.


Good point, judging on its own but not sure if the food would compliment it or if it would compliment the food…


We’ve got a little over 10 minutes left! :smiley:

Anyone got any more great food matches on the red? Any final thoughts? Then in about five minutes we’ll have a vote on our wine of the night and announce the next tasting!


Mrs CC: good with nice sharp strong Welsh cheddar.


Agree completely


With a dollop of Shiraz @szaki1974


Mm definitely a sort a proper old school sweetie flavour, also a bit Wine Gum-y?


@David_B Just been an raided the fridge for some Brie. You are right it makes the wine better.


The French Beef Daube goes very well. The recipe we used had a whole bottle of red in already!


It’s a good wine for the £ (and I agree with @szaki1974 about the Society’s Southern Spanish Red!) - can see why it’s a bestseller. I believe the Cinsault comes from older vines, which gives it a bit more intensity than it might have otherwise. Must confess though that I prefer the Fistful of Schist Chenin Blanc


We have brie in the fridge! Thanks for the reminder… I’ll go fetch some!


Thank you, Mrs CC! I had a little cheddar on the table for sprinkling on the ragu. This goes much better with the cheese than it did with the pasta.


Yeah not that unusual I don’t think :slightly_smiling_face:


The ‘Fistful’ works well with cheese - ripe brie, a mature Scottish cheddar, Shropshire blue. Without food, not so interesting . . . .


I was just thinking this would go well with some hard French cheeses: Comte, Abondance and Beaufort. Sadly I have none at the moment!


Did we reach a view on oak treatment? There are hints of flavours I’d associate with oak but no discernible oak tannins in the mouth — sometimes ripe fruit can give the impression of oak (a sort of rich, baked fruit) but that wouldn’t explain the tobacco-type flavours people are picking up on. Maybe it is a bit of staving as @Ludlow_Steve suggests!


Rhubarb & custards??


Right, off to prepare a cheeseboard!


I’ve been scrabbling around for some tech info and am pretty sure this is unoaked!