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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



Can’t say I have ever tasted permanent marker



I’ve had one slurp.


Yes I thought it was quite short but not unpleasant.


We’re getting the bubblegum more on tasting or at least a sweetie type cherry flavour, like Haribo cherries. Would this of had any carbonic maceration?


You haven’t lived :wink:


You haven’t lived!


Mrs CC: got blackcurrant all right. I don’t quite know how to describe the rest, but I like it and I think with the sharp finish it’ll be good with a nice chilli.


Went a treat with my porcini mushrooms.


Great minds…


I feel like it’s got a real burst of rhubarb-and-vanilla crumble to start with, and some medicinal cherry notes, and then it tails off a bit. A good glugger though, and more than your average, for the price!


Softer on the palate than I was expecting, all black currant and cherry, but then clove and very dry and a bit sharp


Dry, high acidity, moderate-low tannins, alcohol feels high (it’s quite hot, a touch unbalanced dare I suggest?!). Body is medium.

Flavours are quite intense (in that there are lots of them) but none of them is particularly stand-out. A hint of that sweet-candy raspberry/bubblegum, blackcurrant, plum, the menthol/medicinal & aniseed/black pepper carry through.

On the finish, the fruit fades fairly quickly for me, leaving chewy tannins & a slightly bitter taste (the aniseed/fennel).


It’s getting better the more we eat. Maybe should have decanted


Mines been opened for a few hours and the initial sharpness has mellowed.
I find it quite Rhôney on the palate and the viscosity is developing with air.
There is a medicinal flavour coming through but I quite like that.
My nose is starting to clear ‘TUUNES’’


Is the mustiness related to the mourvedre?


Little bit smoky, wood burning but I’m a little underwhelmed with tasting it after it smelling so appealing! For £5.95 I’m not at all complaining though!


Yes definitely think it’s best with some food; balances the acidity which is definitely there but not badly for this price.


I was wondering that — not wholly unusual for Cinsault, no? And/or maybe some whole-cluster Syrah might give a bit of those sorts of flavours too.


We’re getting cherries, a little vanilla, and a lot of spice. A lot going on and not too heavy.


Agreeing with it being quite short. Perhaps a bit muddled. Its not offensive at all, quite drinkable really, but perhaps not a first choice of how I “spend” my alcohol units