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#TWSTaste thread: Members’ Favourites, 13th September



Yes, the alcohol burns my nose a little




I’m getting that a bit too, almost a bit peaty/mulchy. Like an autumnal walk with crumble at the end of it!


I don’t know, actually! And I can’t find any info on whether this is the case. Let me find out for you from our buyer and I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


That’s probably the alcohol, too.


Let’s taste! Tell us what you reckon!


I’d certainly imagine so!


Should we still be smelling?!


Touch dusty, slightly bitter aftertaste. Lets see how this develops



Had to have another sneaky slurp of the Muscadet first.


By all means! But have a taste too, if you like!


Lacking depth here⚓️⚓️


I got that to start with but I decanted around 6 o’clock and now that’s gone.


I am getting a little oakiness mixed in with the liquorice. Don’t the South Africans chuck a few oak planks infor a day or two?


Am I allowed to suggest it tastes of permanent marker? :wink:


It’s not unpleasant but there isn’t much to it.


We have all been there, surely…


Let’s see if the second glass goes down better than the first


Quite short this one.


This started with a rather acrid, musty nose, which soon dissipated. Decanting and aerating took the nose away but left a medicinal nose. But the sharp taste of the wine works with a ripe brie. The cheese makes the wine taste quite different - and much better.