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#TWSTaste: Members' Favourites, 13th September



Drum roll please!

Last month saw us sit down to our most popular TWSTaste ever (thanks to all who took part in Alternative Argentina - I for one had a lovely time!)…

…so now we’re going to taste a couple of our most popular wines!

Here’s the next TWSTaste:

Members’ Favourites NOT mentioned on The Community: 13th September

When: Thursday 13th September from 8 to 9pm

If you’re new to TWS Taste or feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about!

This time we’re tasting two wines from our hot-off-the-press Members’ Favourites offer which have (somehow!) barely been mentioned here on The Community:



Unlike nearly every other wine in the offer (you guys are savvy) these two have barely been mentioned here on The Community!

Fancy taking part? Add a bottle of each of these wines to your next order and make sure it arrives before 13th September, and join us here at 8pm to taste along.

Oh, and do feel free to cook up a matching dinner or invite some friends around to join in!

Who’s in this time?

  • I’ll be there! :smiley:
  • I hope I can make it… :grimacing:
  • I’m not free this time :frowning:

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Hope to see you there! :smile:


I really do need a little more notice than this as I only order every two or three months and a special order pushes up the price with the delivery costs. I was probably going to put in an order at the end of this month but if I brought that forward I’d be out of the next one :(.

I’ll pop a bottle in if I do order earlier but…


A couple of interesting choices so hope I can take part. Appreciate that it’s a fine line between giving enough time to order and running out of stock, but this does feel like quite short notice

Had a delivery last week so will have to see if I pass the showroom any time in the next 10 days - fingers crossed!


Just about to place an order, so this might be timely.
Hope to be there.


I have been holding off an order until it was announced. The red looks interesting :+1:


That Muscadet is a favourite of mine. I’ve had several delivered this year and one remains in the cabinet.
Fortunately (yes I really said that) I won’t be able to participate as I’ll be in Bordeaux next week visiting Mouton, Haut Brion, D’Yquem, Pavie, Gruaud Larose and Giscours amongst others. Trip of a lifetime - I don’t usually do such swanky holidays!
Enjoy the tasting. And enjoy the Ratelles Muscadet.


Wow :heart_eyes: as reasons not to join us go, that’s quite something! have a fantastic time, and do let us know how you got on when you’re back :slight_smile:


Yes more notice please. May not place an order in time plus the social calendar may not be movable.


Might have if I hadn’t just done an order. These cheap wine won’t make up to free delivery .

Are we now back to the £5 bottles? Look forward to hearing how wrong I am.


Looking forward to this. But how to plan a meal that will pair with these two? Suggestions welcome!


Surf and turf :wink::wink:


Hi @martin_brown do you know if there will be plent of these bottles in the Showroom? I will make a trip up to Stevenage at the weekend to buy if you can confirm (plus it is a great excuse to buy a few more bottles)


You can order for collection if you’re worried there won’t be stock left. Saves you 25p a bottle too - you’ll be rich!!


Thanks @nickP - strangely I have never ordered online from TWS. I suppose as I only live approx 30 minutes drive away from the showroom I find it easier just to pop in. Perhaps I will give it a go this time and start to make some savings😄


Delighted to confirm that both are in stock in the Showroom, yes! Definitely worth ordering in advance, though - would ensure you’d get hold of them in the event of a run on stock and, as @NickP points out, untold riches too! :joy: Hope you can join us and that you have a good visit at the weekend.


I think you’ll be dead right and bang wrong depending on the event! :slight_smile: £5.95 and £7.50 this time, but the plan is to cover a range of prices over the next few - the fantastic response to the higher-priced Argentina bottles has certainly helped in that regard. Sorry you can’t join us this time around, though.


Martin, I would join you if I had the wine, not adverse to trying any wine and a bargain is -well a bargain and the grape blended into the red are right up my street.


Not this time, sorry, no new orders for me this month. In any case, life’s a bit of a tornado at the moment … hopefully next time. Have a good one though.


I agree that the notice periods for these are not helpful…I have not participated in the last few partly because of this. I’m not going to submit an additional order just to do this.


Sorry to hear and thank you! Look forward to raising a glass with you another time soon :slight_smile: