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#TWSTaste: FW Autumn Oddities [Thursday 10th October, 8-9pm]

Hi everyone!

Thanks for a cracking evening at last night’s Portugal #TWSTaste! You can catch up here, but I thought it about time to announce the details for our next one. :smiley:

#TWSTaste: Fine Wine Autumn Oddities, Thursday 10th October 8-9pm

We’ve picked these two wines from our Fine Wine Trade Secrets offer, being mailed in a week or so, which is made up of personal recommendations from our Fine Wine Team: @martin_brown, @ThomBuzzard, @Freddy @shaunk and me!

They’re slightly higher in price than our average TWSTaste but we thought these were really worth trying so hoped some of you would enjoy splashing out on this voyage of discovery…

RED: Chateau Ksara Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (one of my picks)

WHITE: Blackbook Winery, The Mixup 2018 (picked by @ThomBuzzard)

Bonus bottle - early birds can also try the latest Bin Series wine with us!

A few of us will be logging on half an hour early to sample the latest Bin Series wine too - it’s completely optional if you’d like to join us, but if so then join us here on The Community from around 7.30pm instead. You can find it here:

How to join in

If you’d like to join us and taste these wines together, simply:

  • Buy a bottle each of these two wines and make sure they’re delivered in time for Thursday 10th October, 2019
  • On the day, make sure the wines are chilled/decanted, invite over friends if you like, and you can even cook something to serve alongside it!
  • Then, just before 8pm on the 10th, join us here on The Community, where there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste’.

Who’s joining us this time?

  • I’m up for some oddities!
  • Not for me
  • I’m hoping to make it

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Oo, I didn’t even know TWS had the '13 Ksara I might have to pick up a couple of them to keep my '15 company!

And I’m thoroughly intrigued by that white. And I’m not averse to a little oak in a white.


Ah, I have just realised that this is a different wine to the Chateau Ksara Rouge, which is a Cab S blend rather than the varietal that I believe this to be. A little hard to spot without the label in the image.

This makes it all the more interesting as I’ve not tried this one!

Lucky for me I’ve already got the black book… I was going to try it over the weekend… am sure I’ll find something else :rofl:


Same — in fact it’s bottle number 2 that is chilling in the fridge, bottle number 1 having gone down very well with some friends a couple of weeks back. Very interesting wine. Big fan of Blackbook generally — bought a 6-bottle mixed case and a 6 bottle case of the 2017 Clayhill Chardonnay from the cellar door at the beginning of summer.

Not had this particular Ksara either, looking forward to it!

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Ooh, I fancy checking out the Ksara Cabernet.

Tasted it at the winery years ago, and the pouring lady told me it can go for 20 years. Don’t know if that’s true but I vaguely remember that it had a bit more oomph than the regular bottling, which is usually a variation on the theme of 65%/25%/10% cabernet/merlot/petit verdot. Not sure whether/how they raise it differently though.


This reminds me - there’s a lovely little article about Beirut in my Wine Enthusiast copy this month. Will try to forward it to you when I’m next near a scanner. Made me really want to visit! :heart_eyes::+1:

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Oh yeah, I’d love to have a read of that, thanks @Inbar! :+1: :lebanon:

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Wines on order. No guarantee of an internet connect as we will be visiting my broadband free mother in the Lakes. Hoping my uncle and aunt can provide the connection otherwise we will taste offline and read the comments later :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll be hosting a dinner for three kayakers who’re on a wild camping / slow food trip round the Morvern peninsula so this could fit in nicely. I’m providing them with a home-grown/foraged menu (currently planning sorrel soup and mutton shepherds pie - the mutton isn’t exactly foraged but my local shepherd split up with his wife and the marital assets included a freezer full of meat which was sold off at half price).


Hi everyone!

Still plenty of time to sign up for this next event happening on Thursday 10th - but I wondered if anyone would be interested in a little warm-up tasting before we go live - trying the new Bin Series wine? :smiley: Maybe an informal taster portion while we’re all gathering around from about 7.30pm?

It’s here:

Shall we see what interest is there with a poll?

  • I’d be up for a warm-up Bin Series tasting
  • Not for me - but I’ll still take part with the rest of the event

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Are you talking specifically about the latest Bin series, number 3? I have the Zweigelt (no. 2) but not the Ribolla Gialla.

Hi Mike, sorry I missed your question! We’re going to be trying Bin 3, but by all means join us and crack open the zweigelt if you fancy it. :smiley:

I’ve added the Bin Series element to the introduction post above now, so we’ll see if anyone else fancies joining us, but I think there’ll be at least 5 or so. :relaxed:

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Okay, thanks @laura, I’ll probably give the warm up a miss. There are a number of reasons for me. Opening two bottles of white would be a bit much for my still emerging interest in white :blush: In a similar vein opening three bottles at once when I’m the only wine drinker would be a bit much and would push my two itos a little too far! Finally I’ve not bought the #003 and I’m not planning on any further orders for a while now.

So I shall sadly back out from the ‘warm-up tasting’ but I’m still on for the main tasting.

Hmmm. Thought you guys should know it might be worth standing the white up before the tasting - I can see some nice floaty bits in mine.

The TWS description does say “Please note that this unfined and unfiltered wine is throwing a small amount of sediment, which is harmless.” so I’d guess you’re right giving it time to settle is probably a good idea. I shall decant into one of my etos after it’s settled

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Oh yes! Sorry Mike, I’ve had you reading the small print for me all afternoon! :laughing:


Hehe! :rofl:

I remember noticing the comment when I was first ordering the wine. However I had forgotten so the reminder was timely and bottle is now standing upright!

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FYI, I’m about to pop open the Ksara now to pour a glass and open it up. I think it will probably need it .
I’ve wiped the mould off :rofl:

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I was literally just thinking about decanting it myself!

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