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#TWSTaste: Fine Wine Trade Secrets


I get mango too and some tangerine.


Yeah, like the yellow pear drops.


Lemony sherbet and a bit of pink grapefruit to for me. Very “clean” like cleaning product lemon in a good way


Delicate and complex … keep finding more


Frizzante. Lemons and pears. We are fans


Agree with the slight spritz. Clean with a slight acidity and lemony tones.

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Mr Johnson (currently preoccupied, watching The Simpsons with the girl) said exactly the same!


I let mine warm up a bit (a trick I’ve learnt over the years of TWS Tasting) and I’m definitely getting the sherbert, a slightly ripe pear note (I identify it as a ‘yellow’ smell in my synaesthetic world) and also some lemon rind.


Also apricot and something a bit herbal-y green that I can’t pinpoint…


Pears, floral very soft


I almost want to say basil?!


You and the husband should form a support group! You can decide on the colour.


I get lemon and pear too.


I think this is the slight hint of fig im getting :wink:


I was wondering dill but wasn’t sure enough to say…!


Definite slight spritz, mild acidity, but I’m afraid I’m not a big fan. A bit bland…


Or more Fennel???


Dill’s a good shout!


I think you nailed it for me! And I’m speaking as a dill fanatic!


I can only hear that word in Sybil Fawlty’s furious voice.