#TWSTaste: Fine Wine Trade Secrets

My apologies :flushed:

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Same here! I love them both equally. No Sophie’s choice here. They’re both very good examples of their respective varietals.

Nailbiting! :nail_care:


Thanks for a great tasting and come spring I will be embarking on ‘acquiring’ the taste for white wine and join in on both sides!


Another WONDERFUL evening, as always, sharing great wines and conversation with lovely people. Where have you people been all my life?

Thanks to @martin_brown and to @catherine for leading the TWS Taste event - and shame we missed @laura

See you in November!!


In someone else’s life, clearly! :smiley:

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Well I love the Salvaje so that is a good recommendation giving that I’m not drinking the wine.

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Godello has the lead by a nose.

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So many people order this! I think I’m going to have to buy some too now :grinning:


I honestly can’t decide. They are both so good, and showcase what can be done with their respective varietals, in very different terriors. Must we vote…?!

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It’s a really lovely example of Garnacha - light, fruity and elegant. From Aragon, though - so not quite Navarra, but not too far.

Just stumbled into here!
I thought that comment was funny.:blush: :grinning:
I always thought Chekov wrote it!
But the ex-wife once described me as a “cultural desert!”, not without good reason.
What I didn’t tell her that my 1st proper snogging session took place while stewarding at a school performance of “The Cherry Orchard!”
I’m ok with the Periodic Table, but playwrights are my quizzing nightmare!

Have a terrific evening!


I was interested to know what you all made of the Navarra wine. We drove that way from Rioja to the Costa Brava a few years ago. That area was a huge flat sun baked plain covered in miles and miles of vineyards and looked most unpromising for any decent wine, let alone fine wine. It was the most boring road trip we have ever driven. So good to know that appearances can be deceptive.

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Smokey and chocolatey (on the nose); smooth on the palate. A bloody nice wine.

For food, we’ve just got The Great British Bake Off on in the background.


Thank you, Martin and Laura (and Robert and Ewan!) for yet another lovely tasting session… and nice not to have to choose, for a change! :wink: Both were equally lovely in their own right…

Chin Chin! :clinking_glasses:

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Morning all! I’ve enjoyed reading through last night’s proceedings. Here’s the TWSTaste map of folk contributing to the discussions, for your interest.
(I’m aware @MikeFranklin was ‘darn sarf’, but I’m using members’ home towns, rather than where they happen to be at the time of the tastings.)


Have just done a little more mugging up on the doña blanca grape variety, which makes up 15% of the white tasted last night. I thought it was a new one on me, but it turns out that over the border in Portugal it has various synonyms, including codega and roupeiro. Not to be confused with dona branca, which is another unrelated Iberian variety. You’re welcome! :wink:


I still think it sounds like the name of a lady villain that James Bond cops off with, shortly before he ‘incapacitates’ her, ending with a terrible pun about her giving him a blanca look.


So sorry I missed out on this but I’ve just caught up and was chuffed to see it looks like you had a very good time of it! Particularly loved some of your descriptions, excellent GIF work and all the new canine contributors to these tastings… :smiley:

I’m already looking forward to the November tasting but if you haven’t heard about it/are still deciding whether to attend, here are the details:


Just caught up with our belated tasting. Both really good wines this time around. Both agreed our slight favourite was the Godello but it was really close. Good choices!