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#TWSTaste: Festive Fine Wine, Thursday 5th Dec 8-9pm



I’m pretty sure that this one isn’t right so I’d say ‘yes’. But the experts will tell us I’m sure.


Sorry, I phrased it badly. Should’ve said coming out the wazoo


Let’s hope the other bottles you’ve got will be better (we still owe you a credit, I reckon…)

Who wants to give this a mark out of 10?!


we’re abstaining but will come back and review all of this again at a later date. By that time the third in our party might be able to join us.


Still doesn’t help soI Googled and now I’m blushing. Has your wine got diarrhoea?


7 and 7.5 from us. Another great choice and very enjoyable.


2 x 9 here.


7 from me but I think it’ll creep eightwards with a little more air/warmth (probably higher if I’d been as wise as @WLGregory and procured some veggie haggis!)


I’ll give it 9 and I’m not even tasting it. That’s just for the comments and learning a new word!


I rest my case! :joy:


:joy: I didn’t want to publish the definition. Its certainly very…expressive


Maiden use of that word in a tasting, I believe … :mask:


And me! I’m a big fan of this!


This gets a 9 from me! Its uncompromising and so well made. Would love to see what this is like in 5 years


Olaf is very, very jealous!


As a gastroenterologist I also had to look up wazoo.


HAHAHA! Might be my favourite post of the night.


Okay, we’ve got a sherry to taste now - who’s joining us?!


I like this one a lot, but have to say, I actually prefer The Society’s Californian Old Vine Zinfandel! So I’m going with a 7!


We are - very excited.