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#TWSTaste: Festive Fine Wine, Thursday 5th Dec 8-9pm

I think it is a bit mustier than that - hence the ‘old’. It doesn’t smell ‘clean’ like acetone.

Two thing I dislike - might be the problem!

Doesn’t smell quite as pronounced as I was expecting but it’s absolutely delicious to taste!

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And another!

Old-school zin nose!

Lots of black fruit but some red too, mocha, pepper…


Spot on!

Oh dear! Could it be possible you’ve got a slightly duff bottle? We were thinking more ‘Boom! Alcohol!.. and then the red berries’ - musty doesn’t sound right… :grimacing: If so, feel free to give Member Services a call tomorrow for a credit on your account, and apologies about that!

Shall we taste and see what we think?

Name a red/black fruit and its in there.

This really reminds me of the school library? I think I must have ordered the wrong wine!

Really interesting and having not had much Zinfandel before, very enjoyable. A big hit of black and red fruit but will nice pepper to balance. The fruit still wins though. Definitely see why this might be a Christmas dinner recommendation.

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Ah. This sounds corked to me. I had exactly the same with my last corked bottle - I was quite charmed by the smell of old books, until I realised that wasn’t a good sign in a wine. :see_no_evil: Sorry, @BecH! We’ll sort you out with a credit.

For us, the taste is all berries and mocha and chocolate, and it’s silky smooth and rich and loooooooovely. :heart_eyes_cat: Really over-delivers on the nose, for me. I’m in love!


This is proper Zin for me. Black fruit up the wazoo, pepper, chocolate, big ol’ texture and silky smooth.

What’s a wazoo😳

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Goodness me, this is intense! Needs air and a warmer temperature than my faulty boiler is capable of providing tonight, but there’s a lot going on and none of it is holding back. Sweet and sour cola-cube flavour alongside all the black fruit, a big lick of mocha and many shakes of the pepper pot on the finish

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Yep classic zin and utterly delicious but needs food as rich and high in alcohol.
Can a screwcap wine be corked?

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Ahh - fortunately we bought three bottles so we can try another at a later date. We’ve been caught out twice by falling in love with a wine at these tastings and then finding it has sold out - so we’ve started taking precautions.


Would you serve this with turkey? Or something else? I’m wondering about venison…

We can recommend veggie haggis. Lovely


They can definitely be faulty as we found last year in Australia. Had too many that tasted corked even though that was impossible


It can indeed. TCA can picked up from winery equipment too :slight_smile: