#TWSTaste: Christmas Classics! 6th December

It’s time to announce the final #twstaste of 2018 - your last chance to take part in our virtual wine tasting evenings. :smiley: Unsurprisingly, we’re tasting on a Christmas theme!

This tasting is happening earlier in the month than normal to get you in the Christmas spirit, and because our vans will be super busy later in December so we’re trying to help spread the load for our delivery drivers. :slight_smile:

TWSTaste: Christmas Classics, Thursday 6th December, 8-9pm

If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about.

The two bottles we’re trying this time are perfect for Christmas, whether you’re looking for a treat for festive gatherings and party food or a potential bottle for the big Christmas Day feast! They are:



Fancy taking part? Add a bottle of each of these wines to your next order and make sure it arrives before 6th December, and join us here at 8pm to taste along. Feel free to cook up a matching festive feast or invite some friends around to join in!

Who’s in this time?

  • I’ll be there with jingle bells on! :smiley:
  • I’m ho-ho-hoping I can make it!
  • I won’t be [Christmas] present this time

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Hope to see you there! :smiley: :santa:


Sounds good!

I’ll be on my own that evening, but I’ll plonk them in our final pre-Christmas delivery and hang out with you guys.

Looking forward to it.


I’ll be there, alright! Especially with an Alsatian PG as the featured white! :heart_eyes::+1:


Gah I can’t make it for almost exactly the same reasons I can’t make it to the November tasting; I will be somewhere on the high seas between Gibraltar and the Canaries on the Lord Nelson. Which is what pushed our company Xmas dinner forward to clash with the November one. Never mind! I trust you’ll all have great fun!


Worse things happen at sea… :wink:

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Falling off one of the yards certainly might spoil one’s day…:open_mouth:

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Toy Dolls… “Dig that groove, baby” album

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Having missed a couple of these events I hope to be there for this one. Both wines are new to me and am looking forward to it :grinning:

Now just need to plan some food to match an Aussie Shiraz and an Alsace PG :thinking:

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I know I voted for the Footbolt, but on second thought… would it not be way too young?

TWS says Lamb Rogan Josh… or Beef Curry

No, it’s drinking now! :slight_smile: Still some life in it yet (I think our recommended drink dates go to 2023) but it would definitely be best decanted an hour or so beforehand. :smiley:

Both good with turkey and all the trimmings… :smiley: Personally, I may well be moving house the day after this tasting, so I’ll probably just buy some festive-themed party food to see if they match festive flavours. :smile:

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The famously conservative end dates… I guess we’ll see if it is worth laying down a case. :slight_smile:

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When is the red likely to hit the site @laura? Just putting together ANOTHER order now :hear_no_evil:

I also just moved my delivery of the November #twstaste wines to 21 November in anticipation of this wine going online on 16 November…


Aaah 16th ok thanks @szaki1974

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Ahrm hrmmmr hmm
[clears throat loudly]

:yum: :champagne::clinking_glasses:


Looks like it’s there now :+1:


It is! Thanks for the nudge - I’d almost forgotten. :see_no_evil: Added the link in the original post above!


Time to mix up a Christmas case! :clinking_glasses:

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Just giving this a little bump so everyone can get their orders in with plenty of time! :smiley:

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Delivered this Friday, and this is definitely it this side of Christmas! :+1::grin:

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