#TWSTaste: Battle of the Bottles! 22nd November

This is today, folks… should not forget to open the Nebbiolo when I get home.


I’d completely forgot. Is there a forum mentor conducting things? Ewan?

My red is in the vinosafe, so have to get it up to temperature as well.

What are the thoughts on the sherry, best chilled?

Hi @Russ! It’s the usual gang hosting tonight - @Ewan with the wine smarts (being posted shortly to give you a chance to read them), me nudging people to start sniffing/tasting etc. and @martin_brown joining in the fun and answering any queries!

The sherry would be best lightly chilled, yes. :slight_smile: Haven’t put mine in the fridge yet (I’m all over the shop preparing to move house next week!) so thanks for the reminder…!


Aaaaaagh - completely forgot!!!

But I’m home, and I have time to decant - whoop whoop!

So now we go over to our reporter at the scene where tonight’s main event will be occurring!

See you there!

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