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#TWSTaste - Battle of the BBQ!



Welcome to the June edition of out #twstaste virtual tasting where we will put two great-value BBQ wines in the spotlight! :heart_eyes:


If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about.

While you’re at it, check in here to tell us you are taking part

  • I’m here - with BBQ food at the ready!
  • I’m here - but only lurking
  • If anyone asks … I’m NOT HERE! :eyes:

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We will be tasting two barbecue-friendly wines from our Under £7 range:



Shortly we will be posting some information on the first wine - and we will start asking for your thoughts - but feel free to introduce yourselves first and see who else is here tonight - and share what BBQ feasts you’ll be eating alongside the wines.

Thanks, as always to the #TWS Taste team: @ewan, @robert_mcintosh and @martin_brown!

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Weekend Drinking thread [15 June 18]
NEW #TWSTaste [14th June]: BATTLE OF THE BBQ!
NEW #TWSTaste [14th June]: BATTLE OF THE BBQ!

I’m here, and although the weather is not hot enough to justify actually lighting the BBQ outside, I’ve lightly chilled the red since it is SO MUGGY!!!


Greetings from Brighton! Inbar here… on my own this time, but hubby did a ‘preliminary’ tasting with me, so I recorded some of his impressions for posterity :wink:
Looking forward to it!
We ate some lovely veggie curry with a glass of the rose, so no BBQ this side of the Sussex Downs…


Reporting in with Mr JayKay. No BBQ here either, but salmon about to be served.


We have been unable to resist the food already! Wines at the ready


I couldn’t persuade my wife to join me; she has to prepare for work tomorrow :(. No food here either, just two bottles of wine.


I’m here with food and wine at the ready


Ready and waiting…:wink:, Mr Leah out for a curry … more for me :wink:


Sounds like trouble ! :wink:


evening all, first timer here - be gentle!!


WOW @JReed, looks fab… Please save your likes people!! :joy::joy: Word of warning


Croquet Chris and Mrs CC here with Mrs CC’s father. This time we are in Budleigh Salterton rather than south Wales because I am playing in a croquet tournament!!


Oh, we’ll be nice and gentle… can’t vouch for the wines! :wink:


Thanks for the guidance Leah - we got here. Two of us in Nottingham, with sausages and kebabs - burgers if we’re still hungry.


Here for the first time. Just enjoyed a nice steak but only just opened the wine!


This is our first also - although followed the Chile tasting a day after the event.


Hic! I must confess I’ve already had dinner.


Has anyone tasted yet?


Had a quick one with hubby before we started and had a glass of the rose with our dinner. Can’t taste properly on an empty stomach!! :smiley:


Just sniffing and about to taste