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#TWSTaste: Alternative Argentina



Good evening everyone and welcome to our latest #twstaste virtual tasting event! :wave:


If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about.

While you’re at it, vote here to tell us you are taking part:

  • I’m here and ready to get tasting!
  • I’m here - but only lurking
  • I’m not here but somehow managing to vote anyway…

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We’ll be tasting two lesser-known wines from our Flavours of Argentina offer:



Stay tuned for @Ewan to post some handy background info on both the wines at 8pm before we get stuck in, but feel free to introduce yourselves/get chatting etc in the mean time. :slight_smile:

NEW #TWSTaste [16th August]: Alternative Argentina
NEW #TWSTaste [16th August]: Alternative Argentina
NEW #TWSTaste [16th August]: Alternative Argentina
NEW #TWSTaste [16th August]: Alternative Argentina

Tried the white with our meal. It is nice.


Poured and breathing for later :wink:!

NEW #TWSTaste [16th August]: Alternative Argentina

Does this particular malbec need to breathe? I wasn’t planning on decanting but I can decant half the bottle as part of the evening fun and games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be braving prawn with noodles with a dash of sweet and sour sauce with the chenin blanc! May the food pairing gods be with me tonight.


Its particularly young so I’ve decided to give it time in the glass so help open it up and mellow if the tannins are strong… but it is a personal choice. :wink:


Yes, decanting it for up to an hour beforehand would be good! But if you don’t have time at least let it open up in the glass a bit. :smiley:


Looking forward to my first TWSTaste



Any tips on the temperature for the white?


And I’m here too, in a still steaming Surrey!


The winemaker Roberto says 11-13C


Best get it out of the fridge to warm up then! Thanks Ewan.


I have to confess that my wife and I have also weakened. Having missed lunch we’ve had a lovely chicken salad for an early dinner and it would have been rude not to crack open the white to keep it company! we are now staunchly ignoring the bottle until the tasting starts, otherwise there’s a real danger we’ll arrive with an empty bottle!


Have taken the Chenin Blanc out of the fridge and poured a glass to get it to the correct temp!


Just opened the red as Mrs G likes a glass whilst cooking - looking forward to our first TWS tasting


Sorry we’re way ahead . Both white and red open and in our glasses. Couldn’t hold on with supper on the table.


Under starters orders! T- 33 minutes …


Hello. Fresh salmon with various salads here. Looks like my other half cant hold on any longer so will have to open the white but will drink slowly. Red is open and breathing but still in the bottle


Lol - a few sessions ago we put the time of the tasting back from 7-8 to 8-9, and now it seems you’re chomping at the bit … or the pasta … or the salad … :joy::joy::joy:


I think the football was the problem hence the 8pm but it is quite late for those of use who usually start at 6pm, sun over the yard arm and all that. What I like about the tastings is exploring the whites. As a mainly red drinker this is new territory. I know little about whites and associate them with cheap wine from uni. The last tasting was interesting as we realised we had 3 other bottles of the Gruner Veltliner so enjoyed the other bottles in the heatwave.


Ready for action. White now up to 10 degrees. Mr jaykay coming in from bravely moving a wasp trap which is doing good business.