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#TWSTaste 2019 schedule



Now, if we compared a Manzanilla to a different type of Sherry - say, Amontillado or Oloroso - that will be properly assessing the differences!
Mmmm…Manzanilla… :drooling_face:


It would also be interesting to do something like “Island wines” perhaps introducing the mass to wines they wouldn’t normally tend to purchase .


I absolutely agree that the idea of a comparative tasting is brilliant but it might have to wait until I’ve bought an eto. Two bottles opened together would mean fir me they’d be open for two weeks :scream_cat:


@laura Any news when this will be revealed (date and wines…)?


Hello! Yes indeed, it’s going to be the two winning wines from our Society and Exhibition topic! :smiley: TBC next week! :smiley:


Ok so a disclaimer first of all: after many years of drinking and enjoying wine but knowing very little about it, I am now in the process of paying a bit more attention and trying to widen my knowledge. As a result I am pretty new to TWS and to the Community (trying my first #TWSTaste tomorrow) so apologies in advance for any bloopers!

Anyway, one of the catalysts for my decision to delve a bit deeper into all things wine was a trip over a year ago to St Emilion and a vineyard visit that fired up my curiosity. Having previously fallen for ‘grape driven’ marketing of wine (e.g. malbec vs shiraz) it has been fascinating to find out more about regional characteristics and variations. For example I had no idea that the proportions of different types of grapes used in blends could vary so widely even within one region such as Bordeaux.

So with that in mind, maybe it would be interesting to compare a couple of Bordeaux blends: perhaps one with a majority of merlot and one with mainly cabernet sauvignon to see how they compare. I have tried a few in St Emilion that were merlot-led and really liked them but have not tried, for example, a left-bank Bordeaux that I gather tends to feature cabernet sauvignon much more.

So if there are a couple of suitable options on the wine society list and this hasn’t been done before, perhaps that might be an interesting tasting option some time?


Great suggestion @MarkT. I like this idea as it should enable reasonably priced wines to be chosen which then encourages a wider participation. Also, I do think that the complexities of Bordeaux wines are an unknown area for many members (myself included); this tasting suggestion could help illuminate one aspect of the region.


SUCH a good idea, @MarkT - thank you! :smiley: I think it would appeal to both beginners and also Bordeaux enthusiasts, so I really like this idea. I’ll add it to the list as we plan our upcoming tasting events! :smiley:


Do we have any more information about the mystery May theme? I can’t bring myself to check out my current basket until I’ve added the appropriate bottles!


Awesome thank you!