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TWS wish list


I was wondering how many people use the TWS online wish list as a place to keep a record of wines you’d like to try? I chuck things in there all the time but then I come back later and look at particular additions and think “why did I add that?” So I was wondering if people thought it might be a nice feature to be able to add some notes when adding a wine to your wish list. EG. Recommended by Fred or Blind tasting champion etc.


You can’t necessarily do that on your wish list itself, but you can add a private note to the wine as a reminder.


  1. Add the wine to your wishlist
  2. Click on ‘Leave a review’
  3. Untick the ‘Publish as a public review’ button
  4. Leave your personal note and submit

When you next visit your wishlist, click on the wine and navigate to the ‘My Wine Notes’ tab


Okay, thanks, a little convoluted but that could work! :slight_smile:


Yes, I do this too, but it would be nice if when you click on the wish list, all your notes appeared (or at least a direct link to them). And it would be nice if you could add to your note, instead of having to do a 2nd note. And if you didn’t have to remember to untick the ‘publish’ box. (Maybe this is moving into a new thread on how to improve the website.)


It would also be nice if the wish list function on the app and the website would sync with one another.


I beieve the App is going to be phased out eventually.