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TWS Winemaker virtual tastings and chat

Thanks @Brocklehurstj I’d somehow missed this thread.

@Tim_S Probably far too late but here’s my two penn’orth. These talks are good but they miss the obvious. After listening to a few it’s a little like having a roller coaster ride described to you. The words do a good job but they cannot recreate the actual experience.
If the wine society agreed to cater to my every whim there would be mixed case of 12 half bottles released every 4 months to accompany the forthcoming season of online talks. That way you get better experience of a wine without being stuck with a whole bottle you don’t like. And better than the little pours at some tasting events where you can’t really get to know the wine you’re trying.
More producers seem to be bottling in halves now so hopefully that would lessen the degree of faff for staff. I’d be all over this like a *insert your own simile here.


Maybe, but still on the whole a very small %. I also think that whilst it’s a good idea to sell a case of wines to be tasted along with these online sessions, it’s probably not practical. For instance, even though TWS stock the producers wines, they sell out from time to time and also might not be current .


Hello @Alex88 - we don’t quite have Marcel on the Rhône but we do have Marcel hosting Philippe Guigal and talking all things Rhône. (My suspicion is that that will so nicely…?!)

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:


The trouble with halves is that they don’t have enough wine in them. Also, the bottles look a bit runty.


Thanks for the heads up…That one definitely seems like a great shout!

This probably has been asked already n times, but where can I watch the recordings for the winemaker Zoom events?

I think they all get put on TWS youtube channel:


As @Alex88 says they go up on youtube and, if you subscribe to the TWS youtube channel, you can get email notifications when anything new arrives on the channel. I now mostly watch them on youtube rather than live as I’m usually busy when they are live!


@Alex88 and @MikeFranklin are both spot on. Almost all the events are uploaded to YouTube. I’ve created a ‘playlist’ with all the past events on which should make it slightly easier to navigate:

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


I watch this one you’ve linked, Koyle from Chile. Really interesting talk about aging in concrete eggs and biodynamics, well worth a watch/ listen. In fact I listened whilst cooking supper.


I had assumed that the winemakers chosen for these tastings were producers we could expect to see on the list, but no sign of D’Arenberg on the new list or in a search on line.

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They are very often on the list, must just be out of stock ATM.

Occasionally on the list, yes, but not ‘very often’: I waited for years, then ordered from a different merchant earlier this year (ND John: consistently on that list), then got hopes up from the virtual tasting.

I can understand rare grapes from small producers from non-standard countries going on and off the list, but …

With regard to todays one with Chris Alheit. If you’ve bought his wines previously and want to find out more about the vineyards and the wines that come from them and his winemaking philosophy, it’s well worth watching (despite the odd technical glitch).

He’s a lovely bloke, with a self deprecating sense of humour, and so laidback I almost had to take a snooze afterwards !


Anyone else joining the Sylvain Pataille session tomorrow?


Yes, thanks for the reminder. Er, may have to extend the weekend into Monday as I’d like to have a glass of his wine on hand to go with it.

Tuesday and Wednesday will have to be wine free though !


I actually opened his 2015 Marsannay yesterday evening, without remembering the event was today. I will watch the recording, but continue with the bottle tonight.


The Pataille Marsannay’s and Rosine/Lezardes bottles are currently my go to bottles, when I want a decent bottle but do not want to rummage!

The Rosine '15 was £65 IB per 6 bottle case, the Lezardes '15 £95 IB.
The Pataille '16 £21.67 per bottle, bought EP.
This wine was recently on the website for £22 per bottle, quite the bargain. :dragon: