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TWS vintage differences

Hi folks, first post and probably a novice question.

I have just bought a TWS Hatzidakis Aidani, which hails from the winery where I got married. Only a few clicks later I see the same 2018 vintage sold for £7 less on a Greek merchant site, with free shipping on 12 bottles.

My question: the vintage looks identical except for the alcohol volume: 14% TWS and 12.5% on the alternative.

What is the reason for this slight variation here and how will I find that information?

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1.5% ABV is quite a big difference! A photo of the label on wine searcher.com shows 14% abv. I had a quick look at the Greek website. Yes it does say 12.5% and I cannot account for that!
A photo of the label is probably the best evidence for accuracy.

@Well-Matured Don’t forget that even if it is the same wine you will have UK duty AND VAT to pay. It may still work out cheaper but maybe not to the degree your were expecting


Might be that the Greek Merchant site hasn’t been updated following Brexit (I’m assuming you mean Greek in Greece, not in London or wherever).

A few weeks ago I got thoroughly stuffed by unexpected import tax PLUS the shipper’s ‘transaction charges’. Added another £50 to the original £170 purchase cost (HiFi Headphones).

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Free Shipping?
We’ve left the EU now.

Thanks all, between you I think I have my answer